Ansible Training
Introduction to Ansible

What is Configuration Management?
Automation of manual work on IT orchestration
What is Continuous Integration?
What is DevOps?
How CM is important for DevOps
Overview of Ansible
What issues Solving by Ansible?
Strengths of Ansible
Concept and terminology on Ansible
Architecture of Ansible
Different from Chef and Puppet
Getting start with Ansible

Infrastructure Management
Some prerequisites
Set up on Windows / Linux
Create basic inventory file
Run Ansible Ad-Hoc command
Testing with Vagrant
Connect to your target nodes with SSH

Basic inventory example
Hosts and groups
Inventory file for Multiple Servers
Configure groups of servers or individual servers
Manage users and groups
Manage packages
Manage files and directories
Ansible Playbooks

Overview of Playbooks
Power Plays
Asynchronous Actions
Error Handler
Manage Ansible code using git
Running Playbook
Docker containers with Ansible

Introduction to Docker
Docker application lifecycle
Create Docker image with Ansible
Synergy of containerization and automation
Staring MySQL containers
Data storage containers
Highly available infrastructure with Ansible

Spec up our inventory and host groups
Using roles
Configure our database backend
Configure our web server front-end
Configure a replicated filesystem
Configure centralized logging
Deployments with Ansible

Deploying Application to local Vagrant environment
Promote code to higher environment
Alternative to Ansible compares

Best Practices on Ansible

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