Course Outline
1. Junos Security Review
Junos Security Components
Selective Packet-Based Forwarding
Junos Layer 2 Packet Handling
2. Security Policy Components
Application Layer Gateways (ALGs)
Junos ALGs
Custom Application Definitions
Advanced Addressing
Policy Matching
3. Virtualization
Routing Instances
Filter-Based Forwarding
4. Advanced NAT Concepts
Beyond Layer 3 and Layer 4 Headers
Advanced NAT Scenarios
5. High Availability Clustering
High Availability
Chassis Clustering Implementations
Advanced HA Topics
6. IPsec Implementations
Standard VPN Implementations
Public Key Infrastructure
Hub-and-Spoke VPNs
7. Enterprise IPsec Technologies
Group VPN
GDOI Protocol
Group VPN Configuration and Monitoring
Dynamic VPN Implementation
8. IPsec VPN Case Studies and Solutions
Routing over VPNs
IPsec with Overlapping Addresses
Dynamic Gateway IP Addresses
Enterprise VPN Deployment Tips and Tricks
9. Troubleshooting Junos Security
Troubleshooting Methodology
Troubleshooting Tools
Identifying IPsec Issues
10. SRX Series Hardware and Interfaces
Branch SRX Platform
High End SRX Platform
SRX Traffic Flow and Distribution
SRX Interfaces
Lab 1: Selective Forwarding
Lab 2: Implementing Advanced Security Policy
Lab 3: Implementing Junos Virtual Routing
Lab 4: Advanced NAT Implementations
Lab 5: Implementing Advanced High Availability Techniques
Lab 6: Hub-and-Spoke IPsec VPNs
Lab 7: Configuring Group VPNs
Lab 8: OSPF over GRE over IPsec VPNs
Lab 9: Performing Security Troubleshooting Techniques.

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