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Course Outline
1. Heterogeneous Fabric Migration
2. Fibre Channel Boot from SAN
3. Fibre Channel Routing
4. Virtualizing a SAN Environment
5. Securing and Optimizing a Fibre Channel SAN
6. IP Trace Analysis
7. Advanced iSCSI Configuration
8. Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
9. Connectrix Encryption
10. Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP)

Lab 1: Migrating from an M-Model Switch to a B-Series Switch
Lab 2: Migrating from an M-Model Switch to an MDS-Model Switch
Lab 3: Fibre Channel Boot from SAN
Lab 4: Routing in a B-Series Fabric with ISL Trunking
Lab 5: Routing in an MDS-Series Fabric with Port Channels
Lab 6: Distance Extension Routing
Lab 7: Integrating VMware Virtual Machines to the Fibre Channel Fabric
Lab 8: Fibre Channel CHAP Configuration
Lab 9: Setting up a RADIUS Server
Lab 10: Implementing SNMP Security
Lab 11: FC Trace Analysis with an MDS Port Analyzer
Lab 12: IP Trace Analysis
Lab 13: Configuring iSNS for iSCSI
Lab 14: Configuring Discovery Domain for iSCSI
Lab 15: Native iSCSI Configuration
Lab 16: iSCSI Boot from SAN
Lab 17: Bridged iSCSI between a Windows Host and B-Series Director
Lab 18: iSCSI between a Linux host and MDS-Series Switch
Lab 19: Securing iSCSI with Mutual CHAP
Lab 20: Configuring IPSEC with IKE
Lab 21: iSCSI Performance Tuning
Lab 22: Configuring FCoE between a Windows Host and a NEX-Series Switch
Lab 23: Configuring FCIP in a B-Series Environment
Lab 24: Configuring SAN Copy for Remote Replication through an FCIP Link in a B-Series Environment
Lab 25: Configuring FCIP in an MDS-Series Environment

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