About The Course
The Apache Solr course at LearnChase imparts the knowledge & skills to use and adopt the most popular Enterprise Grade Search Engine. This platform is used to provide fast and scalable search features. This course also enables the learners to familiarize themselves with the concepts of Apache Lucene & Solr platform along with the concepts of core Lucene APIs and Solr features of Indexing, Searching, Enhanced Features, Configurations, Administration, SolrCloud & Hands-on real-time project using Solr 4.
Course Objectives
After the completion of the ‘Apache Solr’ Course at LearnChase, you should be able to:

1. Master the concepts of Apache Lucene & APIs
2. Understand Apache Solr
3. Learn Indexing and Searching using Solr
4. Learn the Advance Features of Solr and Solr Administration
5. Learn to Create a Solr Cloud
6. Implement a Solr project
7. Work on a Real Life Project on Apache Solr and gain Hands on Project Experience
Who should take this course?
Software Developers, Architects, Quality Analysts & Managers who are exploring or using search platforms for e-commerce & Business applications.
Prerequisites for learning Solr includes technical knowledge on Java at an Intermediate level, Basics of Linux and Databases and good knowledge about Computer Science.
Why learn Apache Lucene & Solr?
SolrTM is the popular, blazing fast open Source Enterprise search platform from the Apache LuceneTM project. Its major features include powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, near real-time indexing, dynamic clustering, database integration, rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling, and geospatial search. Solr is highly reliable, scalable and fault tolerant, providing distributed indexing, replication and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration and more. Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world’s largest internet sites like (Aol, Yahoo,, Cnet, CitySearch, Netflix, Zappos, Stubhub!, digg, ETRADE, Disney, Apple, NASA and MTV).

1. Introduction to Apache Lucene
Learning Objectives – In this module, you will learn the Basic of Lucene, Characteristics of Lucene and the Basics of Search Engines & Indexing. You will also understand the Architecture, Schema, Analyzers and Query types of Lucene and much more.

Topics – Search Engine Basics, Lucene Overview & Features, Indexing Basics, Architecture, Inverted Indexing Technique, Lucene Schema (Documents & Fields), Analyzers, Query Types, Writing & Searching Index.
2. Exploring Apache Lucene
Learning Objectives – In this module, you will learn about the Analyzers, Querying, Scoring, Boosting, Highlighting, Faceting, ApacheTika etc.

Topics – Analyzers, Querying, Scoring, Boosting, Highlighting, Faceting, Grouping, Joins, Spatial Search, Apache Tika.
3. Introduction to Apache Solr
Learning Objectives – In this module, you will get an Introduction to Solr, the Key features of Solr, the installation steps of Solr, Architecture, Schema and Field Types of Solr.

Topics – Solr Introduction, Key Features , Solr Vs Databases, Installing & Running Solr, Admin UI Quick Tour, Solr Architecture, Solr Schema, Solr Field Types & Fields.
4. Solr Indexing
Learning Objectives – In this module, you will learn more in detail about Solr Indexing, Indexing Handlers & Options, Commits, Transaction Logs, Solr configurations and more.

Topics – Introduction To Analysis & Analyzers, Tokenizers & Filters, Indexing & Index Handlers, Indexing Options, Nested Documents, Commits, Transaction Logs, Solr Configurations.
5. Searching Using Solr
Learning Objectives – In this module, you will understand how to Search using Solr, you will also learn the concepts like Search Process, Velocity Search UI and in Detail about Query i.e. Syntax, Basic & Extended Parsers.

Topics – Search Process, Velocity Search UI, Search Types / Options, Sorting & Relevance, Boosting, Query Syntax, Basic Query Parsers, Extended Query Parsers.
6. Advanced Features
Learning Objectives – In this module, you will understand the advanced Features of Solr. Some of the features are Faceting, Highlighting, Spell Checking, Clustering, Spatial Search, Grouping, and Collapsing & Expanding etc.

Topics – Faceting, Highlighting, Spell Checking, Query Re-Ranking, Suggestions, MoreLikeThis, Pagination, Grouping, Clustering, Spatial Search, Collapsing & Expanding, Exporting Results, Real-Time Search & Get, Client API’s.
7. Administration & SolrCloud
Learning Objectives – In this module, you will learn about Solr Administration, how to manage Solr, Plugins, JVM Settings and Solr Cloud.

Topics – Managing Solrconfig.xml, Managing solr.xml, Managing Multiple Cores, Plugins, JVM Settings, Running On Tomcat / Jetty, Logging & SSL, SolrCloud.
8. Project
Learning Objectives – In this module, you will focus on designing & developing a live e-commerce shopping project, which uses most of the Solr & Lucene’s features like (Creating & Searching Indexing, Faceting, Caching, StopWords, Synonyms etc.,) and managing the application administration & configurations of the cores.

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