Course Outline
1. Domain 1: Secure Software Concepts
Concepts of Secure Software
Principles of Security Design
Security Privacy
Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Methodologies for Software Development
2. Domain 2: Security Software Requirements
Policy Decomposition
Classification and Categorization
Functional Requirements – Use Cases and Abuse Cases
Secure Software Operational Requirements
3. Domain 3 – Secure Software Design
Importance of Secure Design
Design Considerations
The Design Process
Securing Commonly Used Architectures
4. Domain 4 – Secure Software Implementation/coding
Fundamental Programming Concepts
Code Access Security
Vulnerability Databases and Lists
Defensive Coding Practices and Controls
Secure Software Processes
5. Domain 5 – Security Software Testing
Artifacts of Testing
Testing for Secure Quality Assurance
Types of Testing
Impact Assessment and Corrective Action
Test Data Lifecycle Management
6. Domain 6 – Software Acceptance
Software Acceptance Considerations
7. Domain 7 – Software Deployment, Operation, Maintenance and Disposal
Installation and Deployment
Operations and Maintenance
Disposal of Software
8. Domain 8 – Supply Chain and Software Acquisition
Supplier Risk Assessment
Supplier Sourcing
Software Development and Test
Software Delivery, Operations and Maintenance
Supplier Transitioning

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