Course Outline
1. What’s Wrong with SharePoint Development?
What is Agile?
Agile defined, history and development, major branches
Agile SharePoint Development
Applying core elements of Agile to SharePoint development
Fundamentals of JAD/RAD Facilitation
JAD/RAD 101 to set the stage for applying these methods to SharePoint development
2. Process Mapping, Triage, and Redesign
Creating a high-level map of business processes
Determining whether the processes can be supported by SharePoint
Redesigning the processes based on SharePoint’s capabilities
3. Capabilities Mapping
Mapping user requirements to SharePoint capabilities
Determining what comes out of the box and what will require customization
4. System Design and Testing
Facilitating the design and testing of SharePoint applications using Agile methods
5. Migration Planning
Facilitating the planning for content migration to SharePoint applications
6. Communication and Training
Planning for training and communication required to successfully stand up SharePoint applications
7. Go-Live Planning and Support
Go-live and support planning required to successfully stand up SharePoint applications
Exercise 1: Determine which are good candidates for migration to SharePoint and redesign them to use SharePoint capabilities

Exercise 2: Take the business processes mapped in Part II and map them to SharePoint capabilities

Exercise 3: Develop plans for migrating content associated with the processes mapped in Parts II and III

Exercise 4: Develop training and communication plans for implementing SharePoint applications with agile methods

Exercise 5: Develop go-live and support plans for implementing SharePoint applications with agile methods.

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