Course Outline
1. The Case for a Business Case
The Needs of Decision Makers
Business Cases
2. Business Case Foundations
Business Case Requirements
Competition for Resources
Business Case Roles and Responsibilities
Business Case Content
The Business Case and Project Portfolio Management
The Business Case and the Product Life Cycle
Business Case Process Overview
3. It Starts with Business Objectives
The Role of Business Objectives
Types of Business Objectives
The Business Case Subject Statement
4. Comparing Alternatives: Costs
Answering Difficult Questions about Costs
The Cost Model
Cost Model Categories
Cost Assumptions
5. Comparing Alternatives: Benefits
Answering Difficult Questions about Benefits
The Benefits Model
Benefit Types
Steps for Computing Financial Benefits
Benefits Assumptions
6. Cash Flow and Financial Metrics
The Cash Flow Statement
Common Financial Metrics
7. Risk and Sensitivity Analysis
Risk Definition
Risk Analysis for the Business Case
Sensitivity Analysis
8. The Business Case Process
Business Case Process Overview
Prepare Phase
Methods Phase
Analysis Phase
Report Phase
9. The Business Case Document and Presentation
Business Case Reporting
Business Case Content
Executive Presentation
10. Follow-Up: What Happens After Project Selection
Business Case Re-Evaluation
Final Recommendations for Business Cases
Exercise 1: Be an Executive for a Day
Exercise 2: Completing a Business Case
Exercise 3: Creating Business Objectives and the Business Case Subject Statement
Exercise 4: Developing a Cost Model
Exercise 5: Comparing Alternatives: Benefits
Exercise 6: Creating an Incremental Cash Flow Statement
Exercise 7: Calculating ROI, Cost/Benefit, and Payback Period
Exercise 8: Calculating the Net Present Value
Exercise 9: Calculating the Internal Rate of Return
Exercise 10: Analyzing Risks and Sensitivity
Exercise 11: Identifying the Business Case Team and Reference Group
Exercise 12: Identifying Business Case Presentation Requirements
Student Case Study
Instructor Case Study.

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