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Struktur und Inhalt
Origins of Tcl • Exploring the benefits of Tcl in the digital design flow • Internet resources for problem solving and sharing solutions • Tcl BOOK recommendations • Reference materials for the language

Getting Started
Running Tcl Shell in UNIX or Windows • Experimenting with commands in the shell • Creating and running a script file • Variables and substitution • Command substitution • A sample application

The basics of Tcl
Structure of a Tcl command • Quoting • More on substitution and quoting • Tcl grammar rules • Some common commands • Lists and strings • Launching other commands

Getting to grips with the details
Commands for flow control • Procedures and arguments • Reading and writing files • Catching errors • Formatting data as text • Commands for calculation • Manipulating strings • Manipulating lists • Array variables • Global and uplevel references • Introspection with the info command

Pattern Matching
Glob-style matching • Regular expressions – background • Using regular expressions to analyse text • Details of regular expression syntax • Grouping, capture and back-references • Regexp substitution • A significant example, analysing HDL source code

Interacting with other applications
Opening a command pipeline • File buffering and blocking • File event handling and the Tcl event loop • Examples of interaction with typical EDA tools

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