In this course, you will learn to design and build secure, reliable, and scalable Google Cloud-based applications.


Course Outline
1. Introduction to Google Cloud Platform  Introducing Google Cloud Platform  Google Cloud Platform Overview  Examples of using Google Cloud Platform  Google Cloud Platform Endpoints and Services  Interacting with GCP  Support and Resources
2. Google Compute Engine  Introducing Google Compute Engine  Interacting with Google Compute Engine  Instances  Disks
Images  Snapshots  Networks  Authorization  Metadata  Startup scripts  Network Load Balancing
3. Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore  Introducing Google App Engine  Google App Engine Fundamentals  Building and Managing Your Application  Authenticating Users  Caching and State Management  Introducing Google Cloud Datastore  Cloud Datastore queries and indexes  Cloud Datastore entity groups and transactions  Decoupling work using Queues and Scheduled Tasks
4. Google Cloud Storage  Introducing Google Cloud Storage  Google Cloud Storage Components  Interacting with Google Cloud Storage  Access Control Lists  Signed URLs  Website hosting  Object Change Notification
5. Google Cloud SQL  Introducing Google Cloud SQL  Database administration  Interacting with Cloud SQL  Using Your Instances from Google App Engine  Using Your Instances from Google Compute Engine
6. Google BigQuery  Introducing Google BigQuery  BigQuery Fundamentals  Interacting with BigQuery  Preparing and loading data with BigQuery  Query clauses and functions  Working with large datasets  Nested and repeated fields   Exporting data
Note: Content is subject to change, as the course is constantly evolving.

Lab 1: Create a Google Cloud Platform Project
Lab 2: Sign Up for a Google Cloud Platform Account
Lab 3: Install the Cloud SDK
Lab 4: Interacting with Google Compute Engine
Lab 5: Creating Compute Engine Instances
Lab 6: Creating and Attaching Disks
Lab 7: Creating Custom Images
Lab 8: Working with Snapshots
Lab 9: Working with Networks and IP Addresses
Lab 10: Authorizing Requests from Compute Engine
Lab 11: Project and Instance Metadata
Lab 12: Getting Started with Startup Scripts
Lab 13: App Engine Fundamentals
Lab 14: Building and Managing Your Application
Lab 15: Authenticating Users
Lab 16: Memcache
Lab 17: Introduction to Cloud Datastore
Lab 18: Queries and Indexes
Lab 19: Entity Groups
Lab 20: Task Queues and Cron
Lab 21: Getting Started with Google Cloud Storage
Lab 22: gsutil
Lab 23: Access Control Lists
Lab 24: Signed URLs
Lab 25: Interacting with Cloud SQL
Lab 26: Remote SSL Encrypted Connection
Lab 27: Accessing Cloud SQL from App Engine
Lab 28: Accessing Cloud SQL from Compute Engine
Lab 29: Getting Started with BigQuery
Lab 30: Interacting with BigQuery
Lab 31: Loading Data into BigQuery
Lab 32: Nested Fields
Lab 33: Repeated Fields
Lab 34: Repeated Nested Fields
Lab 35: Exporting Data.

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  • 0 Units
  • 0 Hrs

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