Course Outline
1. Advanced Ethernet Switching
Virtual Local Area Networks
Automating VLAN Administration
Tunneling Layer 2 Traffic
2. Advanced Spanning Tree
Spanning Tree
Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol (VSTP)
3. Authentication and Access Control
Access Control Features
Authentication Processing
4. Deploying IP Telephony Features
Deployment Scenarios
IP Telephony Features
Case Study: Deploying IP Telephony Features
5. Class of Service
Implementing Class of Service
Case Study
6. Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools
Troubleshooting Case Studies
Link State Advertisements
Protocol Operations
OSPF Authentication
8. OSPF Areas
Stub Area Operation and Configuration
NSSA Operation and Configuration
Route Summarization
9. OSPF Case Studies and Solutions
Transitioning to OSPF from a Different IGP
External Reachability
Virtual Links
Multiarea Adjacency
10. BGP
BGP Operations
BGP Path Selection and Options
Configuration Options
11. BGP Attributes and Policy
BGP Policy
Next Hop
Origin and MED
AS Path
Local Preference
12. Enterprise Routing Policies
Topology-Driven Routing Policy
Primary/Secondary Routing Policy
Load-Shared Per Prefix Routing Policy
13. Introduction to Multicast
Multicast Addresses
Reverse Path Forwarding
Internet Group Management Protocol
14. Multicast Routing Protocols and SSM
Multicast Routing Protocols
Source-Specific Multicast
15. Class of Service (CoS)
CoS Components
CoS Processing and Feature Overview
Policing Virtual Channels
Monitoring with Resource Performance Monitoring
16. Appendix A: BGP Route Reflection
Route Reflection Operation
Configuration and Routing Knowledge
Lab 1: Advanced Ethernet Switching
Lab 2: Implement MSTP and VSTP
Lab 3: Authentication and Access Control
Lab 4: Deploy IP Telephony Features
Lab 5: Class of Service
Lab 6: Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Lab 1: Configuring and Monitoring OSPF
Lab 2: Configuring and Monitoring OSPF Areas and Route Summarization
Lab 3: Configuring and Monitoring Routing Policy and Advanced OSPF Options
Lab 4: Implementing BGP
Lab 5: BGP Attributes
Lab 6: Implementing Enterprise Routing Policies
Lab 7: Implementing PIM-SM
Lab 8: Implementing SSM
Lab 9: Implementing CoS Features in the Enterprise
Lab 10: BGP Route Reflection (Optional).


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