Course Outline
1. Junos Security Platforms
Traditional Routing
Traditional Security
Breaking the Tradition
The Junos OS Architecture
2. Zones
Definition of Zones
Zone Configuration
Monitoring Security Zones
3. Security Policies
Policy Components
Verifying Policy Operation
Policy Scheduling and Rematching
Policy Case Study
4. Firewall User Authentication
Firewall User Authentication Overview
Pass-Through Authentication
Web Authentication
Client Groups
Using External Authentication Servers
Verifying Firewall User Authentication
5. SCREEN Options
Multilayer Network Protection
Stages and Types of Attacks
Using Junos SCREEN Options
Reconnaissance Attack Handling
Denial of Service Attack Handling
Suspicious Packets Attack Handling
Applying and Monitoring SCREEN Options
6. NAT
Source NAT Operation and Configuration
Destination NAT Operation and Configuration
Static NAT Operation and Configuration
Proxy ARP
Monitoring and Verifying NAT Operation
7. IPsec VPNs
VPN Types
Secure VPN Requirements
IPsec Details
Configuration of IPsec VPNs
IPsec VPN Monitoring
8. IDP
Junos IDP
Policy Components
Signature Database
Case Study: Applying the Recommended IDP Policy
Monitoring IDP Operation
9. HA Clustering
Chassis Cluster Components
Chassis Cluster Operation
Chassis Cluster Configuration
Chassis Cluster Monitoring
10. Unified Threat Management
Branch Office Challenges
UTM Feature Overview
Design Basics
Hardware Support
Licensing of Features
Terminology and Process
UTM Policy
Configuration Steps
Monitoring ANTI-SPAM
12. Full File-Based and Express AV
AV Terminology and Process
AV Operation
Full File-based AV Configuration
Express AV Configuration
Monitoring AV
13. Content and Web Filtering
Overview and Terminology
Verification and Monitoring
Lab 1: Configuring and Monitoring Zones

Lab 2: Security Policies

Lab 3: Configuring Firewall Authentication

Lab 4: Implementing SCREEN Options

Lab 5: Network Address Translation

Lab 6: Implementing IPsec VPNs

Lab 7: Implementing IDP

Lab 8: Implementing Chassis Clusters

Lab 9: Connecting to the Lab Equipment and Testing Connectivity

Lab 10: Configuring anANTI-SPAM Policy

Lab 11: AV Configuration and Testing

Lab 12: Configuring Content and Web Filtering.

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