Course Outline
1. Course Introduction
2. MPLS Fundamentals
MPLS Foundation
MPLS Configuration
MPLS Packet Forwarding
3. Label Distribution Protocols
Label Distribution Protocols
4. Constrained Shortest Path First
RSVP Behavior Without CSPF
CSPF Algorithm
CSPF Tie Breaking
Administrative Groups
Interarea Traffic Engineered LSPs
5. Traffic Protection and LSP Optimization
Default Traffic Protection Behavior
Primary and Secondary LSPs
Fast Reroute
Bypass LSPs
LSP Optimization
6. Fate Sharing
Junos OS Fate Sharing
Extended Admin Groups
7. Miscellaneous MPLS Features
Routing Table Integration
Forwarding Adjacencies
Policy Control over LSP Selection
LSP Metrics
Automatic Bandwidth
TTL Handling
Explicit Null Configuration
MPLS Pings
8. VPN Review
Overview of VPNs
CPE-Based VPNs
9. Layer 3 VPNs
Layer 3 VPN Terminology
VPN-IPv4 Address Structure
Operational Characteristics
10. Basic Layer 3 VPN Configuration
Preliminary Steps
PE Router Configuration
11. Troubleshooting Layer 3 VPNs
A Layered Approach
The Routing-Instance Switch
PE-Based and CE-Based Traceroutes
Viewing VRF Tables and PE-PE Signaling Flow
Monitoring PE-CE Routing Protocols
12. Layer 3 VPN Scaling and Internet Access
Scaling Layer 3 VPNs
Public Internet Access Options
13. Layer 3 VPNs-Advanced Topics
Exchanging Routes Between VRF Tables
Hub-and-Spoke Topologies
Layer 3 VPN CoS Options
Layer 3 VPN and GRE Tunneling Integration
Layer 3 VPN and IPsec Integration
14. BGP Layer 2 VPNs
Overview of Layer 2 Provider-Provisioned VPNs
BGP Layer 2 VPN Operational Model: Control Plane
BGP Layer 2 VPN Operational Model: Data Plane
Preliminary BGP Layer 2 VPN Configuration
BGP Layer 2 Configuration
Monitoring and Troubleshooting BGP Layer 2 VPNs
15. Layer 2 VPN Scaling and CoS
Review of VPN Scaling Mechanisms
Layer 2 VPNs and CoS
16. LDP Layer 2 Circuits
LDP Layer 2 Circuit Operation
LDP Layer 2 Circuit Configuration
LDP Layer 2 Circuit Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Circuit Cross-Connect
17. Virtual Private LAN Services
Layer 2 MPLS VPNs Versus VPLS
BGP VPLS Control Plane
BGP VPLS Data Plane
Learning and Forwarding Process
18. VPLS Configuration
VPLS Configuration
VPLS Troubleshooting
19. Interprovider VPNs
Hierarchical VPN Models
Junos Support of Carrier-of-Carriers Model
Junos Support of Carrier-of-Carrier VPN Applications
20. Appendix A: Multicast VPNs
Multicast VPN Overview
Next-Generation MVPN Operation
Lab 1: MPLS Fundamentals
Lab 2: Label Distribution Protocols
Lab 3: CSPF
Lab 4: Traffic Protection
Lab 5: Fate Sharing
Lab 6: Miscellaneous MPLS Features
Lab 7: VPN Baseline Configuration
Lab 8: Layer 3 VPN with Static and BGP Routing
Lab 9: Route Reflection and Internet Access
Lab 10: GRE Tunnel Integration
Lab 11: BGP Layer 2 VPNs
Lab 12: Circuit Cross-Connect and LDP Layer 2 Circuits
Lab 13: VPLS
Lab 14: Carrier-of-Carrier VPNs
Lab 15: MVPNs

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