Course Outline
1. What Is Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)?
What It Is
What Led to the Development of KCS?
Why Do You Need KCS?
What Are the Benefits of KCS?
How Does KCS Align with ITSM?
2. The Knowledge-Centered Support Model
Understanding KCS
The KCS Process
3. Aligning KCS with the Business
Aligning Business Goals and Objectives
Providing Value with KCS
KCS Return on Investment (ROI)
4. Content Vitality
What Is Content Vitality?
The Content Standard
The Content Migration Process
Knowledge Monitoring
5. KCS Roles and Responsibilities
Who Are the Typical Players in KCS?
What Is the KCS Competency Model?
Defining Roles and Competencies
6. The KCS Workflow
What Is Workflow?
What Is Structured Problem Solving?
Workflow and Technology
Process Integration
7. Performance Assessment
The KCS Competency Model
Performance Assessment
Rewards and Recognition
Feedback and Reputation Model
8. Leadership and Motivation
Defining Purpose
Promoting Teamwork
9. Communication
Key Messaging and Elevator Pitches
Handling Questions and Objections
Delivery Options
10. Technology
Functional Requirements
KCS Verified
11. The KCS Adoption Roadmap
The KCS Adoption Program
Adoption Roles
Implementation Strategy
Investment: People, Process, and Technology
Critical Success Factors.

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