Course Outline
1. Project Component Ownership
Client Side Components
Outsourcer Provide Components
Joint Components
Collaboratively Constructed & Owned
2. Project Synchronization Establishing Balance
Client Project Management
Merging Your PM with Outsourced PM
Synchronization of Time & Delivery
Defining Delivery
3. Project Metrics
Establishing Goals
Agreeing Upon Measurement Sources
Measurement Reconciliation and Reporting
Using Metrics to Support PM
4. Project Communications: Construction/V&V/Delivery Periods
Understanding the Client Role
Defind & Convey Expectations (w/Detail)
Ask for What You Want
Focus on “What” not “How” (but be inquisitive)
Jointly Engineered Communication Model
Mistakes in Communications
5. Pre- and Post-Delivery Outsourcer Tasks
Project Management
Artifact & Component Construction/Qualification/Delivery
Application of Professional Expertise
Insure Client Input Adequacy
6. Pre- and Post-Delivery Client Tasks
Qualified Specifications
Inquiry & Dialog Availability
Qualification of Received Artifacts & Components
Timely and Complete Feedback
7. Harmony through Touchbacks
Communication Framework Value
Healthy Boundaries
Coordination of Effort
Real-time Visibility vs. Status Reporting
Asking the Question.
8. Recognizing Cultural & Work Differences
Paradigm Variances
How Much Do You Mandate
Impact on End Results
Utilizing Differences to Enjoy the Project Experience
9. Managing for Success
Meeting Client (your) Obligations
Measuring Progress
Maintaining Healthy Communications
Managing Delivery & Implementation
Exercise 1: Teams and Project Management

Exercise 2: Communications

Exercise 3: Managing Remotely

Exercise 4: Cultural Differences.

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