Course Outline
1. Security
Manage Permissions
Manage Users
Add or Edit a User
Deactivate a User Account
Reactivate a User Account
Manage Groups
Create or Modify a Security Group
Delete a Security Group
Active Directory Group Synchronization
Manage Categories
Create or Modify a Category
Delete a Category
Manage Security Templates
Create or Modify a Security Template
Delete a Security Template
Manage Project Web App Permissions
Manage Delegates
Turn Delegation On or Off
Set Up Who Can Act As Delegate
Set Up Who Can Have Delegates Assigned to Them
Create a New Delegation
2. Enterprise Data
Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables
Enterprise Custom Fields
Creating Enterprise Custom Fields
Creating Enterprise Custom Lookup Tables
Configuring Departments
The Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)
Enterprise Global
Enterprise Calendars
Create a New Calendar
Copy an Existing Calendar
Edit an Existing Calendar
Delete a Calendar
Modify Working and Nonworking Times
Resource Center
Create a New Resource
3. Database Administration
Delete Enterprise Objects
Delete Projects
Delete Resources and Users
Delete Status Report Responses
Delete Timesheets
Delete User Delegates
Force CheckIn Enterprise Objects
CheckIn Enterprise Projects
CheckIn Enterprise Resources
CheckIn Enterprise Custom Fields
CheckIn Enterprise Calendars
CheckIn Lookup Tables for Enterprise Custom Fields
CheckIn Resource Plans
Daily Schedule Backup
Project Retention Policy Versions
Administrative Backup and Restore
Administrative Backup
Administrative Restore
OLAP Database Management
Create an OLAP Cube
Configure an OLAP Cube
Copy an OLAP Cube
Delete an OLAP Cube
Build an OLAP Cube
4. Look and Feel
Manage Views
Create a New View
Modify a View
Copy a View
Delete a View
Grouping Formats
Gantt Chart Formats
Quick Launch
Change Quick Launch Behavior
Add a New Link
Modify an Existing Link
Reorder Quick Launch Items
Delete a Link
5. Time and Task Management
Fiscal Periods
Define Fiscal Periods
Delete Fiscal Periods
Time Reporting Periods
Create Bulk Time Reporting Periods
Insert or Delete Time Reporting Periods
Timesheet Adjustment
Line Classifications
Timesheet Settings and Defaults
Administrative Time
Task Settings and Display
Close Tasks to Update
6. Queue Management
Queue System Overview
Queuing Process
Queuing Architecture
Queuing Modules
How It All Works Together
The Project and Timesheet queues
How They Are Used
Queue Groupings
Parent/Child Relationships Between Submitted Jobs
Queuing States
Changes in Queue State
Queue Administration Settings
Manage Queue Jobs
Queue Settings
7. Operational Policies Management
Alerts and Reminders
Notification E-Mail Settings
Schedule E-Mail Reminder Service
Additional Server Settings
Project 2007 Compatibility Mode
Project Professional Versions
Enterprise Settings
Currency Settings
Resource Capacity Settings
Resource Plan Work Day
Exchange Server Details
Task Mode Settings
Server Side Event Handlers
Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization
Configure Enterprise Resource Pool Synchronization
Project Sites
Create Site
Edit Site Address
Delete Site
Go to Project Site Settings
Project Site Provisioning Settings
Site URL
Default Site Properties
Automatic Provisioning
Project Site Permissions
Bulk Update Project Sites
Update Site Paths
Update Content Types
Project Site Permissions
8. IX. Workflow and Project Detail Pages
Enterprise Project Types
Create New Enterprise Project Type
Workflow Phases
New Workflow Phase
Workflow Stages
New Workflow Stages
Change or Restart Workflows
Change or Restart a Workflow
Project Detail Pages
Create or Edit Project Detail Pages
Project Workflow Settings.

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