Course Outline
1. What Is Change?
Why Change?
Individual and Organizational Change
What Is Change Management?
External Drivers of Change
Change as a Strategy
Functions and Activities
Common Models of Change
Corporate Culture and Change
Critical Change Factors
2. Change Management in Organizations
Change in Organizations
How Organizations Use Change Management
Strategic Execution
Cycles of Change
Two Major Perspectives on Change Readiness
Critical Success Factors
Potential Barriers and Change Derailers
3. Change Management at the Portfolio Level
What Is a Portfolio?
What Is Portfolio Management?
Strategy Execution and Change Management
Portfolio Management in the Change Life Cycle Framework
Sustain Change: Measure Benefits Realization
4. Change Management at the Program Level
Why Is Program Management Ideally Suited to Manage Change in Organizations?
What Is Program Management?
Program Management in the Change Life Cycle
Organizational Capabilities in the Program Management Context
5. Change Management at the Project Level
Change Management in Projects
What Is Project Management?
Impact of Change on Project Management
Project Management in the Change Life Cycle Framework
Project Management Process Groups
Change Management Activities at the Project Level
Developing a Change Management Plan.

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