Course Outline
1. Introduction to Project Leadership
What Is Project Management?
Role of Project Manager as Organizational Leader
Begin Developing Leadership Development Plan
The Triple Constraint
Leadership Skills
2. Leadership and Management
Leadership vs. Management
Leadership Orientation
Management Styles
Three Functions of Management
Trait Theory
Fiedler’s Contingency Model
The Leaders Window
3. Interpersonal Communication
The Communication Loop
Filters and Barriers
The Interpersonal Gap
Active Listening
4. Influence
Influences on a Project Manager
Influence Styles
Power and the Project Manager
5. Motivation
Motivation Theories
Motivating Under-Performing Team Members
Rewards and Behavior
Creating a Motivation Plan
Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
6. Effective Teams
Team Roles
Stages of Project Team Development
Team Process and Functional Teams
Coaching Team Members
7. Change Management
What is Change Management?
Being an Organizational Change Agent
Influencers of Change
Stages of Organizational Change
Strategies to Manage Change
8. Conflict
What is Conflict?
Constructive Conflict vs. Destructive Conflict
Conflict Reactions to Avoid
Conflict Resolution Techniques
Staying Calm in Conflict Situations
What is Negotiation?
Attitudes About Negotiation
Negotiation Requirements
Formal Project Negotiation Planning
9. Ethics and Leadership
Ethics and Values
Personal and Business Ethics
Project Management Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Hands-On Exercises
Leadership Self-Assessment
Leadership Style Analysis
Active Listening Role Play
Deter Influence Style Preference
Complete Power Base Profile
Morale Problem Case Study
Conflict Resolution
Negotiation Role Play
Conflict Resolution Case Study
Create Leadership Development Plan

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