Course Outline
1. Project Trouble Prevention
Managing What Matters
Project Readiness Assessment
Project Kickoff Meetings
Additional Prevention Measures
2. Project Health Measurement
Project Health Assessment
Project Health Measurement Tools
Forecasting Based on Project Health
3. Project Failure Identification
Causes of Project Failure
Recognizing Failure
4. Recovery Initiation
The Recovery Manager
The Recovery Charter
5. Recovery Assessment
Assessing the Failing Project
Deciding to Terminate
The Recovery Assessment Report
6. Recovery Planning
Realistic Recovery
The Recovery Plan
The Recovery Team
The Recovery Kickoff
Recovery Success Criteria
7. Recovery Execution
The Recovery Project
Recovery Risk Management
Tips and Guidelines for Recovery Execution
Sources of Project Trouble
Decision Making
Dealing with Change
8. Recovery Closure
Stabilization and Restoration
Knowledge Transfer and Lessons Learned.

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  • 0 Units
  • 0 Hrs

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WOOCS 1.1.8
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