Course Outline
1. Quality Control and Closure Project Quality
What Is Quality?
History of Modern Quality
Project Quality Management
2. Planning Quality
The Process of Planning Quality
Systems Thinking in Planning Quality
Role of Stakeholders in Quality
Quality Requirements
Quality Planning Tools
3. Performing Quality Assurance
The Process of Performing Quality Assurance
Process Analysis Tools
Quality Assurance as Part of the Critical Path
4. Performing Quality Control
The Process of Performing Quality Control
Measurement and Tracking Tools
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Using Quality Assurance and Control Tools
Quality Control and Closure
5. Case Studies
Hands-On Exercises
Illustrate the Importance of Quality
Define Quality
Define the Attributes of Quality
Distinguish Between Quality and Grade
Propose a Quality Program for Your Workplace
Identify Quality in the Triple Constraint
Perform a Stakeholder Analysis
Identify Positive and Negative Risks for Your Project
Prioritize Requirements
Develop a Quality Management Plan
Determine the Impact of Quality Assurance Activities on the Critical Path
Select Quality Assurance Tools
Create a Pareto Chart
Draw a Cause and Effect Diagram
Plan and Perform a Quality Audit.

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