Course Outline
1. Risk Management Foundations
Definition of a plan
Definition of risk and risk management
Risk management and project success
Project management life cycle
2. Strategic Risk Reduction
Project success factors
Stakeholder analysis
Balancing constraints within a plan
Assessing project riskiness
Importance of formal planning
3. Execution Risk Reduction
Risk management plan
Risk identification techniques
Qualitative risk analysis
Quantitative risk analysis
Risk response planning
4. Monitoring and Controlling Risk
Protecting the plan
Change controls
Responding to risks
5. Value of Lessons Learned
Capturing and employing lessons learned
Current methods of managing uncertainty based on lessons learned
Hands-On Activities:
Determine sources of project risk by category
Assess overall project risk
Identify and categorize risk
Perform qualitative risk analysis
Perform quantitative risk analysis
Plan risk responses
Involve stakeholders.

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  • 0 Units
  • 0 Hrs

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