Course Outline
1. Defining Structured Problem Solving (SPS)
The concept of Structured Problem Solving
Your Natural Approach to Problem Solving
The Structured Problem Solving Process
Different Applications of Problem Solving
The Concept of Total Contact Ownership
2. Laying the Foundation
Gathering Information
Understanding Customer Competency Levels
Listening as an Art
Documenting in the Incident Management Process
3. Understanding and Enhancing Your Creativity
Inhibitors to Creativity
Sources of Creativity
Enhancing Creativity
Thinking Styles
4. Understanding the Structured Problem Solving Process
Obstacles of Problem Solving
The Value of Categorization, Prioritization, and Documentation
Knowledge Management
5. Understanding Structured Analysis
Root Cause Analysis
Using Flow Charts
Trend Analysis
6. Enhancing the Customer Experience with SPS
Total Contact Ownership
Status Updates
Apply and Verify The Solution
Close the Incident / Problem
Follow Up
Continuous Service Improvement.

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