Course Outline
1. Symmetrix Configuration
2. Device Creation and Mapping
3. Host Connectivity Considerations
4. Symmetrix and Device Attributes
5. Auto-Provisioning Groups
6. Virtual Provisioning Concepts and Planning
7. Virtual Provisioning with Solution Enabler
8. Monitoring Thin Pools
9. Virtual LUN Migration
10. Federated Tiered Storage
11. FAST and FAST VP Concepts
12. Managing FAST and FAST VP Using SYMCLI
13. Symmetrix Configuration with Unisphere for VMAX
14. Symmetrix Storage in a Virtual Environment
Lab 1: Create and Delete Devices
Lab 2: Create Different Devices and Map Them with Configuration Manager
Lab 3: RDF Groups and Pairs
Lab 4: Mapping and Masking
Lab 5: Create Thing and Data Devices and Pools
Lab 6: Map and Mask Thin Devices
Lab 7: Miscellaneous Virtual Provisioning Operations
Lab 8: Monitor Thin Pool Usage
Lab 9: Virtual LUN Migration DP and VP
Lab 10: Federated Tiered Storage
Lab 11: Manage FASTVP using SYMCLI
Lab 12: Manage FAST and FAST VP with SMC
Lab 13: Symmetrix Configuration with Unisphere for VMAX
Lab 14: Symmextrix Configuration with SMC
Lab 15: ESXi Server Storage Provisioning.

  • 10 Days
  • 0 Units
  • 0 Hrs

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