Training materials
Training materials are renowned for being the most comprehensive and user friendly available. Their style, content and coverage is unique in the EDA training world, and has made them sought after resources in their own right. Fees include
Fully indexed course notes creating a complete reference manual
Workbook full of practical examples and solutions to help you apply your knowledge
SystemC Golden Reference Guide for language, syntax, semantics and tips.

Structure and Content
Role of SystemC and TLM • Evolution of TLM within OSCI • TLM requirements and use cases • Coding styles • TLM-2.0 structure and architecture • Interoperability layer • Utilities • The OSCI TLM-2.0 release kit and documentation
TLM-2.0 Architecture
Initiators, targets, and interconnect • Initiator and target sockets • Pass-by-reference • Forward and backward paths • TLM-2 core interfaces • Blocking versus non-blocking transport • Standard socket classes • Socket binding • Introduction to the generic payload and base protocol
Blocking Transport Interface
Blocking transport interface • Timing annotation • Temporal decoupling • Quantum keeper • Global quantum • Synchronization-on-demand • Loosely-timed coding style
Generic Payload
Generic payload attributes • Mutability • Command, address and data attributes • Byte enables • Streaming • Response status • Generic payload memory management

Non-blocking Transport Interface
Non-blocking transport interfaces • tlm_sync_enum • Forward, backward and return paths • Phases • AT timing model • Base protocol rules • Early completion • Pre-emption • AT timing annotation • Payload event queues • Approximately-timed coding style • Request and response exclusion rules • Back-pressure • AT interconnect
Convenience Sockets
Simple sockets • b/nb conversion • Tagged sockets • Multi-sockets • Coding interconnects and address translation • Hierarchical binding • Passthrough sockets
Direct Memory and Debug Transport Interface
Direct memory versus debug interfaces • Direct memory interface • DMI transaction type • DMI descriptor • Rules for granting and denying DMI • Generic payload DMI hint • Address translation for DMI transactions • Debug transport interface • Debug transport transaction type

Kinds of extension · The extension mechanism • Generic payload extension methods • Extension base class • Low-level extension programming • deep_copy_from • update_extensions_from • Extension memory management • Auto extensions • Sticky extensions • Memory-manager-agnostic extensions • Instance-specific extensions
TLM-2 endianness principles • Organisation of the data array • Mixed-endian systems • Address alignment issues • Part-word transfers • Width conversions • Endianness helper functions • Endianness conversion functions • Arithmetic mode • Byte order mode • Tuning for simulation speed
Protocol types
tlm_phase • Extended phases • Ignorable phases • Protocol types • tlm_base_protocol_types • Defining new traits classes • Guidelines for protocol creation • Bridges • Bus snooping using DMI extensions
Analysis ports
Analysis interface • Analysis port • Subscribers • When to deep-copy transaction objects
Other examples
Source code examples to use in your own projects • AT initiator types • AT target types • Permutations of the forward, backward and return paths • Full AT interconnect implementation • Implementing exclusion rules and transaction queuing • Mixed AT/LT components • Base protocol checker • Atomic operations and transaction locking using extensions.

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