Cloud Foundry Training

Cloud Foundry Training teaches how to build PaaS-friendly applications that can be deployed and managed in a Cloud Foundry environment. Learn how to use a full range of Cloud Foundry capabilities for modern web applications through our training.

Cloud Foundry Training Curriculum

Course Introduction

Introductions and course logistics
Course objectives

Introduction to Cloud Technologies

What is ‘the Cloud’
Distinguishing IaaS, PaaS and Saas
Cloud Foundry overview
Introduction to Cloud Foundry concepts
Getting Started With Cloud Foundry

Accessing a Cloud Foundry system
Deploying your first application using Spring Tool Suite (STS)
Examining logs
Adding and removing instances
Cloud Foundry Concepts

What is an Organization?
Defining a User Role
Understanding Spaces
The importance of the Application
Developing Java Applications For Cloud Foundry

Implementing logging
Accessing bound services
Using Spring and Spring Cloud to configure your application
Incorporating Spring Data, Spring Social, Spring Data
Using the command-line and web interfaces
System Management

Debugging your application
Scaling applications under load
Defining a manifest
Using and creating Build-packs
Using and creating Services
Cloud Foundry Health Manager
Application Architecture

Designing Cloud deployment
Interacting with hosts, ports, resources
Sessions and application state
Integrating the security service
Cloud Foundry Architecture And Management

Cloud foundry architectural components
What is BOSH
How Cloud Foundry works
Using the Administrator console
Manipulating underlying resources such as virtual machines rnand load-balancers.

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