Cognos Training

Cognos training – Become an Expert in using framework manager, report studio, query studio, analysis studio, event studio and reports to build applications is IBM Cognos Business Intelligence tool.

Cognos Training Curriculum

Overview of Data warehousing & Cognos 10.2.2 BI

Overview of Data warehousing Concepts
ETL Concepts
Business Intelligence Concepts
Reporting Concepts
Dimensional Modeling
SQL Joins
Introduction to Cognos
Cognos 10.2 BI Architecture

Cognos 10.2 BI Installation & Configuration

Cognos 10.2 BI Installation Procedure
Cognos 10.2 BI Configuration
Framework Manager

Introduction to Framework Manager
Objects To Work With

Create a project
Create a Data Source
Create New Query Subject
Create New Query Item
Create Calculations
Create Filters
Create Relationships
Create Business View
Create Model based Query
Merging Query Subjects
Create Packages
Dimensional Models

Regular Dimension
Measure Dimension
Advanced Topics


Object Security
Query Subject Security
Package Security
Data Security
Cognos Connection

Query Studio

Query Studio Overview
The basic functionality
Creating a new report
Data icons
Data And Report Formatting

Modifying and formatting your report
Grouping data; collapsing/expanding
your report; and sections
Creating a custom group
Page breaks; Page size
Sorting data
Drill up and drill down
Navigate to a new report
Best practices
Data Selection & Calculations

Data selection
Combining filters
Data calculations
Crosstab Reports And Charts

Crosstab reports
Report Studio:

Report Studio Overview
Report Studio capabilities and basics
Report types and templates
Running reports
Report Studio Navigation

Defining the toolbars
Viewing a report
Explorer bars
Report structure
Adding report objects
Displaying data
Creating queries
Organizing And Summarizing

Using lists and crosstabs
Report sections
Summarizing, Aggregation
Filters And Prompts

Report functions
Stand alone, embedded
Detail and summary filters
Prompt objects
Prompt pages
Calculations And Conditional Formatting

Layout Formatting

Free standing objects
Alignment, spacing, object size
Headers and Footers
Page Sets

Advanced formatting
Working with Queries
Visualizations (Charts and Maps)
Beyond the Report
Encountering Problems and Issues
Advanced Report Studio
Report Formatting, Layouts & Templates

Masterb- Detail Reports
Conditional Blocks
Conditional Formatting Using Variables
Component Lay out Reference funtionality
Report blocks
Using tables
Aligning objects within containers
Object types; unlocking an object
Adding report pages
Report layouts/displaying standard report
Reusing objects
List page headers and overall header
Page sets
Drill-Through And Bursting Reports

Distribute reports via E-Mail (Bursting)
Report Queries

Essentials of report building
Multiple queries
Master-detail queries
Viewing tabular data and SQL
Advanced filters and calculations
Slicers and prompts
Miscellaneous objects used in Query Explorer
Specialized Reports

Advanced Reporting

Sort order using prompts
Prompts to display report objects
Conditional filtering
Filter Based on Output Type
Report specification XML
Dimensional reporting (MDX functions)
Analysis Studio

Analysis Studio capabilities
Analysis Studio basics
Building Your Analysis Studio Layout

Analysis Studio user interface
Searching for your data & moving your selections to the work area
Inserting data into the work area
Defining crosstabs with nested, stacked a other sets
Modifying your crosstab
Data Selection

Hiding / excluding a row or column
Specifying top or bottom values of a set
Suppressing zero totals and null values
Custom sets
Using context (in the overview area)
User-defined filters

Summary and custom calculations
Custom calculations with compound expressions
Miscellaneous Topics

Running a report with different output options
Sorting a report
Showing values as percentages
Report options
Drill down and drill up
Drill –through
Importing an Analysis Studio report into Report Studio
Event Studio

Work Space

Work Space Advanced

Environment Migration Concepts

Moving Solution Components between Dev , QA and PROD
Q&A Session


Add and manage a data source
Distribute data and create a distribution list and contacts
Deploy IBM Cognos BI content
Maintain the IBM Cognos BI content store
Customize the appearance of IBM Cognos BI
Manage packages in IBM Cognos Connection
Create roles
Add members and define access permissions
Set capabilities
Create folders
Define access to entries
Create an export
Create an import.

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