Elasticsearch Training

Elasticsearch Training teaches all the basic concepts how Elasticsearch works, and how to reliably analyze, understand, solve common problems and be efficient to build state-of-the-art search applications. At Learnchase, you explore the components of Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch Training Curriculum


Terminology, basic concepts, implementation, setup, and basic operations
What is Elasticsearch?
Overview of best practices
What’s in a distribution?
Understanding Elasticsearch cluster, shards, and replicas
Discussion of configuration, APIs, and local gateway


Value of multiple indices, index aliases, and cross-index operations
Introduction to data flow
Elasticsearch Index

In-depth analysis of mappings, indexing, and operations
Discussion of transaction logs and Lucene indexing
Understanding configuration options, mappings, APIs, and available settings

Understanding search Query DSL
In-depth understanding of search components: aggregations, search types, highlighting and other options.
Overview of bitSets, filters and Lucene
Advanced Search And Mapping

Introduction to aggregations and nested document relations
Understanding nested objects and parent-child relationships
The importance of geolocation, mapping, indexing query percolation, relevancy, searching, and more
Advanced Distributed Model

Cluster state recovery, low level replication, low level recovery, and shard allocation
How to approach data architecture
Index templates, features, and functionality
Big Data Design Pattern

In-depth content on multiple indices, overallocation, shard overallocation, node types, routing, replication, and aliases
Preparing For Production

Discussion on capacity planning and data flow
Performance tuning, more on data flow, and memory allocation.
Running In Production

Installation, configuration, memory file descriptions, and hardware Monitoring, alerts, thread pools, information and stats APIs.

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