ETL Testing Training is built keeping in view all those readers who want to learn all the fundamentals of ETL Testing. It is especially comes in handy for all those software testing professionals who are required to perform data analysis to extract relevant information from a database.

Extraction Transform and Load (ETL) is a data integration technology that extracts data from several heterogeneous data sources, combines and standardizes the data, then presents or stores the data in a uniform format for informational purposes. ETL is necessary because many non-modern system architectures evolved over the years in environments where data was typically captured, processed and stored by separate and distinct software applications and databases. As a result, the data residing in the databases of many companies is typically non-standardized.


Our training program is architected for learners to educate, explore, experiment and gain expertise over the subject. Data warehouse or ETL testing is often initiated as a result of mergers and acquisitions, compliance and regulations, data consolidation, and the increased reliance on data-driven decision making (use of Business Intelligence tools, etc.). ETL testing is commonly implemented either manually or with the help of a tool (functional testing tool, ETL tool, proprietary utilities). Our ETL testing training program starts with introduction to Data warehouse concepts, Etl development life cycle, Etl test plan, Etl testing life cycle (or) Etl test process, Types of etl testing, Types of etl bugs, Bug reporting, Testing templates (test case, bug reporting & etc..), Etl performance testing, Etl interview questions, Project with example, SQL, Unix and much more…

ETL Testing Training Curriculum
curriculum_moduleIntroduction to Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Data ware house is relational database which is subject oriented, integrated, time-variant and non volatile collection of data used to support strategic decision making process.

What is Data Ware House?
Difference between OLTP and Data Warehousing
Data Acquisition
Data Extraction
Data Transformation
Data Loading
Data Marts

curriculum_moduleTest Plan – Distinctive Features for BI-DW projects

In this module, we’ll focus over business intelligence and data warehouse projects.

Testing Objectives
Testing Strategies
Testing Deliverables
ETL Testing Concepts

After a good understanding of data warehousing concepts, we’ll now focus over ETL testing concepts.

What is use of testing
What is quality & standards
Responsibilities of a ETL Tester
Hands On Exercises And Use Cases For ETL Testing Online Training

This module aims to help you explore the subject as well as provide a good hands on.

Bug Identification
Usage of Sql for automating the process
Auditing count of records
Validation of data and identifying issues
Exceptional handling
Meta Data
Performance Testing (ETL, Query)
Volume Testing
Testing – Cube

What is batch totals and data marts? Explanation is provided in this module.

Batch Totals
Query on Data Mart and Cube

The process of generating reports and analysis is explained in this module.

Reports (DW / DM / Cube)
OLAP Analysis (DW / DM / Cube)

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