HBase Training

HBase Training is essential to access your Big Data, when you need random, realtime read/write access. HBase scales linearly to handle huge data sets, and it easily combines data sources that use a wide variety of different structures and schemas.
HBase Training Curriculum

Introduction to Hbase

Introduction to Hbase

Hbase Concepts

Understanding Hbase with an Example

NOSQL Architecture

What is Hbase

Where does it fit

What is NOSQL
Hbase Data Model

Comparison b/w HDFS and Hbase

Usage scenario for Hbase

Hbase Use case

Hbase Data Model
Components Of HBase Cluster

Architecture of HBase

Major components of HBase Cluster
Hbase API And Advance Operations

Hbase Shell

Hbase API

Basic Operations

Advance Operations
Integrate Hive With Hbase

Loading A File Using Both Load Utility

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