Automation testing with HP Unified Functional Testing

What Will I Learn?
  • 1. Course will increase technical trainee’s skills and course agenda describes a well-paced plan to teach the technical skills as the trainers has a proven best record of providing excellent in learning experiences
  • 2. Learn automated functional testing tool.
  • 3. Learn how to perform automated regression testing in order to identify any gaps, errors/defects in contrary to the actual/desired results of the application under test.
  • 4. Improve your software knowledge and associated tools in order to effectively integrate the graphics under UFT – Unified Functional Testing Training.
  • 1. Participant should have knowledge of Manual testing.
  • 2. Should have a Laptop/Desktop , if needs to do practical along with videos
  • 3. No Prior coding knowledge required. Coding will be taught from scratch here.

           In these videos you will learn about a functional regression testing tool by HP Company named as HP UFT i.e HP Unified Functional Testing . Previously known as HP QTP i.e Quick Test Professional.

HP UFT/QTP tool is primarily for software testers having basic knowledge of Manual testing. In this course we will make sure that any participants who joins this course will be able to understand right from scratch basic like downloading and installing the software till he test any application by its own. As mentioned basic knowledge of manual testing is required.

This videos are made on the latest version of HP UFT in the market i.e 14.00 Version.

Note : API Automation testing will not be covered in this video series

Who is the target audience?
  • 1. Manual Tester
  • 2. Test Lead
  • 3. Automation Tester
  • 4. Developer
  • 5. Fresher
  • 6. Candidates pursuing their graduation in the field of IT, BSC-IT,
  • 7. Candidates pursuing their post-graduation in the field of IT
  • 8. Anyone interested in learning IT courses
  • 9. Anyone interested in learning about Programming Languages
  • 10. Anyone who’s looking for job in Automation testing

Curriculum For This Course

Introduction to HP UFT
HP UFT – Installation
HP UFT – User-Interface of HP UFT
HP UFT – Sample Application (Application to be tested)
HP UFT – First Recording in UFT/QTP
HP UFT – Keyword view Vs Editor view
HP UFT – Run a Test
HP UFT – Parameterization using Keyword view
HP UFT – Parameterization using Data Driver
HP UFT – Text Checkpoint
HP UFT – Text Area Checkpoint
HP UFT – Standard Checkpoint
HP UFT – Bitmap Checkpoint
HP UFT – Text Output value
HP UFT – Standard output value
HP UFT – Introduction to Object Repository (OR)
HP UFT – Rename and Update Objects
HP UFT – Export Local Objects
HP UFT – Import Shared Objects
HP UFT – Record and run settings
HP UFT – Edit Shared objects
HP UFT – Import&Export Objects To&From XML
HP UFT – Object Spy
HP UFT – GetROProperty
HP UFT – GetTOProperty
HP UFT – SetTOProperty
HP UFT – Object Identification
HP UFT – Smart Identification
HP UFT – Ordinal Identifier
HP UFT – Virtual Objects
Recording Types
HP UFT – Types of recording
HP UFT – Default Recording
HP UFT – Low Level Recording
HP UFT – Analog Recording
HP UFT – Insight Recording
HP UFT – Call to New Action
HP UFT – Call to Copy of Action
HP UFT – Reusable Vs Non Reusable Actions
Function Library
HP UFT – More about Actions
HP UFT – Call to Existing Actions

  • 10 Days
  • 37 Units
  • 4 hours, 26 minutes Hrs

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