Hyperion Financial Management Training

Hyperion Financial Management Training is based on comprehensive, Web-based application that delivers global financial consolidation in a single, highly scalable software solution. It provides financial managers the ability to rapidly report financial results, meet regulatory requirements, reduce the cost of compliance and deliver confidence in the numbers.

Hyperion Financial Management Training Curriculum


Financial Management Dimensions

Scenario Dimension
Year Dimension
Period Dimension
Entity Dimension
Value Dimension
Account Dimension
Intercompany Dimension
View Dimension
Custom Dimensions
Managing Applications

Creating Application Profiles
Entering Languages
Defining Calendars
Editing Frequencies
Editing Periods
Saving Application Profiles
Creating Applications
Opening Applications
Closing Applications
Deleting Applications
Managing Metadata

Defining Accounts
Defining Custom Members
Defining Entity Members
Defining Scenario Members
Defining Application Settings
Defining Currencies
System Generated Accounts
Creating Metadata Files of APP Format
Application Security

Managing Data Forms

Using Data Grids On Web

Managing Data

Working With Data Files
Loading Data
Load Method
Copying Data
Consolidating Data

Consolidation Process
Entering Currency Rates
Entering Percentage Consolidations
Calculating Data
Translating Data
Consolidation Options
Consolidate All with Data
Consolidate All
Using Journals

About Journals
Creating Journals
Regular Journals
Auto reversing Journals
Managing Journal Templates
Standard Templates
Recurring Templates
Process Journals
Managing Inter Company Transactions

Creating Inter Company Transactions
Matching Inter Company Transactions
Assigning Reason Codes
Posting IC Transactions
Using Smart View

Creating Adhoc Reports
Managing Function Builder
Import/Export Data forms
Creating Templates
Managing Member Lists

Basics Of Rules

Rule Types and Rule files
About Rules and Syntax
Objects and Functions in Rules
Assigning values to Accounts
Understanding Sample Rule Files
Loading and Extracting Rules
Creating Task Lists

About Task lists
Creating Task lists
Adding Items to Task lists
Linking Task lists
Managing Task lists
Managing Process Management

Using Process Control
Promoting Process Units
Approving Process Units
Publishing Process Units
Locking/Unlocking Process Unit
Hyperion Financial Reporting Basics

Creating Connection
Using Data Forms
Using Charts (Bar, Line, Pie charts)
Conditional Formatting
Creating PDF Reports
Migration And LCM

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