This course teaches you the fundamental skills that are required to configure, implement, and troubleshoot services that are developed on the IBM DataPower Gateway (IDG) appliances with firmware version 7.1.x. The concepts in this course are also beneficial to system administrators of the DataPower appliance, although there is a separate course for administrators.

The DataPower Gateway Appliances allow an enterprise to simplify, accelerate, and enhance the security capabilities of its XML and web services deployments, and extend the capabilities of its service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure. The appliances also extend these capabilities into the JSON, REST, and Mobile application areas.

Through a combination of instructor-led lectures and hands-on lab exercises, you learn how to implement the key use cases for the DataPower appliances. These include web service virtualization, web services security, integrating with IBM MQ, Mobile and REST support, integrating with OAuth 2.0, and authentication, authorization, and auditing (AAA). You also learn how to use various problem determination tools such as logs, monitors, and probes, and techniques for testing DataPower services and handling errors.

Hands-on exercises give you experience working directly with a DataPower Gateway appliance. The exercises focus on skills such as creating multi-protocol gateways and web service proxies, working with encryption and cryptographic objects, configuring service level monitoring, troubleshooting services, and handling errors.


  • Describe how DataPower appliances are configured
  • Create a web service proxy to virtualize web service applications
  • Implement web services security
  • Create and configure cryptographic objects
  • Configure Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to and from DataPower appliances
  • Configure a multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) to handle multiple protocols from a single service
  • Configure a service level monitoring (SLM) policy to control message traffic
  • Configure support for IBM MQ
  • Use logs and probes to troubleshoot services
  • Configure the DataPower resources that are needed to support OAuth 2.0
  • Use patterns to define and deploy new services
  • Use DataPower resources and options to support REST and JSON-based services
  • Configure message transformation and routing by using style sheets (XSL) and GatewayScripts
  • Handle errors in service policies


This basic course is designed for integration developers who configure service policies on IBM DataPower Gateway appliances.


Course introduction

  1. Quick introduction to developing on DataPower
  2. Exercise: First exposure to the DataPower developer environment
  3. Services overview
  4. Structure of a service
  5. Exercise: Creating a BookingService gateway
  6. Multi-protocol gateway service
  7. Problem determination tools
  8. Exercise: Enhancing the BookingService gateway
  9. Handling errors in a service policy
  10. Exercise: Adding error handling to a service policy
  11. DataPower cryptographic tools and SSL setup
  12. Exercise: Creating cryptographic objects and configuring SSL
  13. XML and web services security overview
  14. Exercise: Web service encryption and digital signatures
  15. Authentication, authorization, and auditing (AAA)
  16. Exercise: Web services authentication and authorization
  17. REST and JSON support for Web 2.0 and mobile applications
  18. Exercise: Using DataPower to implement REST services
  19. OAuth overview and DataPower implementation
  20. Exercise: Defining a three-legged OAuth scenario that uses DataPower services
  21. DataPower caching
  22. Exercise: Configuring a response cache
  23. Integrating with IBM MQ
  24. Exercise: Configuring a multi-protocol gateway service with IBM MQ
  25. Web service proxy service
  26. Exercise: Configuring a web service proxy
  27. Service level monitoring
  28. Exercise: Implementing a service level monitor in a web service proxy
  29. Patterns for service configuration
  30. Exercise: Using a DataPower pattern with the Blueprint console
  31. Course summary
  • 10 Days
  • 0 Units
  • 0 Hrs

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