This course provides the skills and knowledge required by everyone new to IBM FileNet P8. It enables you to understand and use FileNet P8 systems. It also ensures that you have a proper foundation for success in more advanced FileNet P8 technical subject areas. It is a prerequisite for higher-level courses.
For the IT professional: Offers fundamental IBM FileNet P8 knowledge, the basis for learning to design, develop, build, and maintain IBM FileNet P8 products and solutions.
For the business user: Teaches the skills needed to work with content and automated processes, so that you can track and manage work with FileNet P8 tools. Teaches how an IBM FileNet P8 system supports business tasks and functions of your organization.

Key topics
Introduction to IBM FileNet Content Manager
System overview
Examine system components
Start or stop system components
Content Storage
Content storage concepts and components
Configure an object store
Create a file storage area and policy
Content Data Structures
Business content analysis
Configure content metadata components
Migrating data
Modify metadata
Securing Content
Security concepts
Working with direct security
Configure object store security
Configure security policies
Configure security inheritance
Document Searches and Bulk Operations
Create stored searches and search templates
Working with Query Builder
Configure content-based retrieval
Automate Actions on Content Objects
Content engine events
Create event actions
Configure Content Engine auditing
System Administration and Maintenance
Overview of system maintenance
Monitor components with IBM System Dashboard
IBM System Dashboard reports
Monitor content storage
Manage system logs

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  • 0 Units
  • 0 Hrs

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