IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Training Course Overview
This IBM Websphere Cast Iron Training course teaches you how to configure and administer the IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Appliance. Through recorded lectures and recorded demonstrations, IBM Cast Iron Administration course introduces the Cast Iron Appliance, concentrating on appliance administration and administrative tools.Participant will learn how to configure and upgrade the appliance, create users, manage projects, back up the repository, and troubleshoot appliance issues. The course introduces you to the Cast Iron Appliance, with emphasis on appliance administration and administrative tools.
What Is IBM Websphere Cast Iron ?
WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration products provide several capabilities for near real time integration: data cleansing and migration, data synchronization and connectivity, workflow and transformation that enable you to orchestrate integration processes across multiple applications. Mash up capabilities enable you to integrate information from disparate sources and to display it using the native user interface of a cloud application. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration products also support mobile applications by harnessing data and processes from other parts of the enterprise.IBM WebSphere Cast Iron is a multi-tenant, cloud-based platform for integrating cloud and on-premise applications and enterprise systems in a hybrid environment. It enables you to configure, run and manage integration in the cloud without any infrastructure footprint.


    • Use Studio to create integration projects with the “configuration, not coding” technique
    • Receive data from, and deliver data to, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) endpoints with:
      • HTTP activities
      • Utility activities
      • Logic activities
    • Create variables
    • Map data between activities
    • Publish projects
    • Test project components
    • Deploy projects
    • Run projects



  • This basic course is designed for application integrators, systems engineers, and business analysts who develop integration solutions with the IBM WebSphere Cast Iron product.


  • IBM WebSphere Cast Iron ConfigurationCourse introduction
    IBM WebSphere Cast Iron introduction
    IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Studio
    Demonstration: Studio tour
    Demonstration: Creating and validating a project
    Demonstration: Publishing a project
    Demonstration: Deploying a project
    Demonstration: Testing a project
    Demonstration: Good practices
    Web Management Console
    Demonstration: Common problem while publishing
    Variables and data transformation
    Demonstration: Viewing custom functions
    Demonstration: Creating variables
    Demonstration: Mapping outputs with a function
    Demonstration: Mapping inputs with a function
    Demonstration: Verifying mapping
    Testing project components
    Demonstration: Testing endpoint connectivity
    Demonstration: Testing mapping with generated data
    Demonstration: Testing mapping with sample data
    Demonstration: Verifying an orchestration in Studio
    Utility and logic activities
    Demonstration: Using the Create Job Keys activity
    Template integration projects
    Demonstration: Searching Template Integration Projects (TIPs)
    Course summaryIBM WebSphere Cast Iron AdministrationCourse introduction
    IBM WebSphere Cast Iron introduction
    Administrative tools
    Initial configuration
    Demonstration: Command-line interface
    Managing and monitoring projects
    Demonstration: Importing a project
    Demonstration: Configuring different runtime environments
    Demonstration: Saving and restoring the repository
    CIOS and library maintenance
    Demonstration: Upgrading the Cast Iron Operating System (CIOS)
    Managing the appliance
    Demonstration: Creating a user
    Demonstration: Configuring a Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) server
    Demonstration: Defining notifications
    Troubleshooting and diagnostic tools
    Course summaryIBM WebSphere Cast Iron Database and SalesforceCourse introduction
    Introduction to databases
    Demonstration: Creating a database endpoint
    Demonstration: Creating configuration properties
    Demonstration: Inserting database activity
    Demonstration: Querying the database integration
    Demonstration: Creating a Salesforce endpoint
    Demonstration: Configuring a Salesforce query activity
    Demonstration: Mapping Salesforce account information into a database
    Demonstration: Verification
    More on databases
    Demonstration: Creating an email endpoint
    Demonstration: Creating an orchestration to detect insertions and send email
    Demonstration: Creating assets
    Demonstration: Verification
    Course summary.






  • 10 Days
  • 11 Units
  • 13 hours Hrs

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