This training will give you extensive insight to the world of Internet of Things. As you progress through the training you will work on the following projects:
Environment monitoring application which senses the changes in light intensity and movement of people in a room
A smartphone app to evacuate your premise in case of an emergency like fire, earthquake, terror attack
Web-based monitoring system
App-based light dimmer
Sensor data based trigger
Smart alerts and social media of things
You may choose their own problem statement for the projects, for which we will provide support. However, detailed solutions will only be provided for problem statement defined by us.

1. Introduction- Concepts and Technologies behind Internet of Things (IoT)
1.1 Concepts & Definitions
1.2 Myth with IoT
1.3 Business with IoT
1.4 Carrier in IoT
1.5 IoT Applications
1.6 IoT system overview
1.7 Node, Gateway, Clouds
1.8 Electronics basic

2 IoT Architecture
2.1 IoT Network Architecture
2.2 IoT Device Architecture
2.3 Publish Subscriber architecture
2.4 Client server architecture

3 IoT Device Design
3.1 Sensors – Classification & selection criteria based on nature
3.2 Embedded Development Boards – Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, ESP8266,

4 IoT Communication Protocols
4.1 Wired Communication Protocols
4.2 Wireless Communication Protocols
4.3 Transport layer protocols
4.4 Application Protocols
4.5 IPv4 vs IPv6
5 Cloud
5.1 Concept & Architecture of Cloud
5.2 Public cloud vs Private cloud
5.3 Different Services in cloud (IAAS / PAAS / SAAS)
5.4 Different cloud service providers

6 Making Project
6.1 Interfacing peripherals & Programming GPIOs – Input/output peripherals, Sensor modules
6.2 Design Considerations – Cost, Performance & Power Consumption tradeoffs

7 Hands on using Arduino board and Raspberry pi board
7.1 Interfacing sensor (Analog & Digital) with MCUs
7.2 Interfacing switches and LEDs with MCUs
7.3 Making few projects on Arduino
7.4 Setting up Bluetooth using Bluetooth module with Arduino board.
7.5 Making the PAN using Bluetooth and controlling the appliances
7.6 Setting up wifi using ESP8266 module using AT commands
7.7 Making the LAN using wifi and control the appliances using mobile and web application
7.8 Sending data to cloud using ESP8266
7.9 Making One end to end IoT product
7.10 Hands on using HTTP, MQTT

8 Closer
8.1 Existing Product in Market
8.2 Challenges / barrier in IoT


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