ToC for MQTT and CoAP
1- Introduction to IoT
2- Application of IoT
3- IoT 2020: Things as a Service
4- Request response architecture vs Publish subscribe architecture
5- Communication Protocols (Brief)
b. Web socket
6- Need of light weight protocols in IoT
a. Key features
b. Design principles & Assumptions,
c. What scenarios MQTT should be used
d. QoS
e. Connection Management
f. Subscription Management
g. Message Delivery
h. Life of Client
i. Control Packet Format
j. Flags
k. Case study
l. Hands on
8- CoAP
a. Key feature
b. Type of message
c. Key features
d. Design principles & Assumptions,
e. What scenarios CoAP should be used
f. Connection Management
g. Control Packet Format
h. Flags
i. Case study
j. Hands on
9- Comparison of all protocols
10- Closing note

1. Introduction of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT):
a. Definitions
b. Benefit of IIoT
c. Challenges of the IIoT
d. Future of IIoT
e. Industrial Internet of Things Market Overview
2. Industrial IoT Market Landscape
a. Market Share Analysis
b. Comparative Analysis
i. Product Benchmarking
ii. End user profiling
iii. Patent Analysis
iv. Top 5 Financials Analysis
3. Industrial Internet of Things Market Force
a. Market Drivers
b. Market Constraints
c. Market Challenges
d. Attractiveness of the Industrial IoT Market
i. Power of Suppliers
ii. Power of Customers
iii. Threat of New entrants
iv. Threat of Substitution
v. Degree of Competition
4. Industrial Internet of Things Market – Strategic Analysis
a. Value Chain Analysis
b. Pricing Analysis
c. Opportunities Analysis
d. Product/Market Life Cycle Analysis
e. Suppliers and Distributors
5. Industrial Internet of Things Market – By Components
a. Transmitters
b. Memory
c. Processor
d. Networking components
f. Power Supply
g. Others
6. Industrial IoT Market-End user Industries
a. Energy
i. Advanced Economies
ii. Emerging Economies
b. Healthcare
i. Advanced Economies
ii. Emerging Economies
c. Transportation
i. Advanced Economies
ii. Emerging Economies
d. Manufacturing
i. Advanced Economies
ii. Emerging Economies
e. Oil & Gas
i. Advanced Economies
ii. Emerging Economies
f. Agriculture
i. Advanced Economies
ii. Emerging Economies
7. Market Entropy
9.1. New Product Launches
9.2. M&As, Collaborations, JVs and Partnerships

1 IoT Communication Protocols
1.1 Networking protocol

2 Cloud
2.1 Concept of Cloud
2.2 Architecture of cloud
2.3 Public cloud, Private cloud hybrid cloud
2.4 Services in cloud
2.4.1 IAAS
2.4.2 PAAS
2.4.3 SAAS
2.5 Role of cloud in IoT
2.6 B7


1. Introduction- Concepts and Technologies behind Internet of Things (IoT)
1.1 Concepts & Definitions
1.2 IoT system overview
1.3 Architecture of IoT application

2 Security in IoT:
2.1 Tools
2.2 platforms
2.3 standards

3 Threats & vulnerability in IoT
4 Attacks & Defense in IoT
5 Robustness in IoT
6 Privacy & Authentication in IoT
7 Secure Protocols & Standards in IoT
8 Security in complete end to end system in embedded, communication protocol and cloud

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