JavaFX Training

JavaFX Training teaches you how to maintain complex user interfaces. JavaFX online training also mentions all the steps regarding how to build an professionally designed JavaFX application.


JavaFX Training Curriculum


JavaFX is a software platform for creating and delivering rich internet applications (RIAs) that can run across a wide variety of devices. Here, you will learn how to install different patterns, making UI to be synchronized with the model using property bindings, media classes, creating an enterprise application by interacting with external applications about Java collections, layout classes and many more.

JavaFX 2 installation including downloading the SDK and available tools
User interfaces with a declarative-style enabled by the JavaFX builder classes
Patterns for JavaFX developers
Property binding to keep UI synchronised with the model
JavaFX UI controls, charts, shapes, effects, transformations, and animations to create stunning and responsive user interfaces
JavaFX layout classes to define the user interface in a cross-platform fashion.
Observable collection classes to observe changes in and bind to Java collections
JavaFX media classes to play audio and video
Interacting with external application services to create an enterprise application with JavaFX
Using JavaFX API with alternative languages such as Scala, Groovy and Visage
More JavaFX APIs in overview

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