JBOSS Training

JBoss Training administers JBoss Server and teaches the way to install, configure, upgrade, administer, monitor, maintain the security of JBoss Server and the components running inside it.
JBoss Training Curriculum

Overview of Java Enterprise Edition

What is Java EE? Open and Standard-based Multi-tier Web-Enabled Server Centric Component-Based Distributed Architecture Enterprise Applications J2EE architecture and Java EE Contents and Services

Overview of JBOSS Application Server

Server JBOSS Organization, Server JBOSS AS, Background Highlights of JBOSS AS, What is new in JBOSS AS 5 and 6 ?, Server JBOSS AS Architecture, Server JBOSS Micro container, Layer Services, Layer Aspect, Layer Application, Layer Server, JBOSS AS Services and Requirements
Installation And Configuration Of JBOSS AS

Getting and Installing Java, Configuring Java Getting JBOSS AS, Installing JBOSS AS 5
Server JBOSS Directory Structure
Controlling The Life-Cycle Of JBOSS AS

Starting JBOSS AS, Verifying JBOSS AS, Startup Stopping JBOSS AS, Starting From a Remote Server
Deployments On JBOSS

Java EE Deployment, Lifecycle Deployment, Descriptors Deployment on JBOSS AS, Deployers on JBOSS AS, Deployment Dependencies Hot vs. Cold Deployment, Bootstrapping JBOSS
Web Application Administration

Web Technologies CGI vs. Servlets/JSPs Tomcat Web Container, Tomcat’s server.xml, Tomcat’s web.xml, Session Configuration, Serving Static Content, Virtual Hosting with Tomcat, Web Access Logging
JNDI Administration

Java Naming and Directory Interface JNDI in Java EE, JNDI on JBOSS, JMX Administration, What is JMX?, Why JMX?, JMX Architecture, JMX on JBOSS AS, JMX Console Web Console Twiddle Tool Server, JBOSS AS Administration Console Server, JBOSS Monitoring, Monitoring with JConsole Lab: Monitoring
Database Integration On JBOSS

Steps Involved Resource Requirement, Install JDBC Drivers, Define a RDBMS DBCP, Resource Map our Resource Using our DataSource (RDBMS DBCP), Hypersonic Database, Detecting Connection Leaks Lab: Database Connectivity
Creating Multiple Instance On Singe Machine
Security On JBOSS

Securing Applications, Authentication & Authorization Plain-Text Login Module, Database Login Module, FORM-based Login, Configuring JBOSS AS for SSL, Creating SSL Certificates, Configure SSL Connector, Testing SSL Configuration, Requiring SSL in Apps Lab: Application Security Securing JBOSS AS
Performance Tuning And Troubleshooting In JBOSS

JVM Tomcat Log4j and other services Tuning Slimming JBOSS, Troubleshooting the production issues w.r.t JBOSS and Web server, Taking thread dump and heap dumps to analyze the issues
Web Server

Installation of Apache web server, Configuration of Web server, Types of virtual hosting, Overview of httpd.conf file
High Availability And Scalability On JBOSS

Requirements of Clustering: General understanding, Clustering and JBOSS Simple Web Architecture, External Load Balancer Architectur,e Smart Proxy Architecture, General configuration for the following examples. Fronting with a Web Server with Apache HTTPD, Installing and Configuring mod_jk, Enabling Sticky Sessions, Clustered Session Replication, Clustering Single Sign-On Clustering with HA-JNDI.

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