Jenkins Training
Overview of Continuous Integration (CI)

What it means Continuous Integration?
Fundamental of CI
How CI helps to Agile Development
History of Jenkins
Where Jenkins Fit in Organization
Overview of Jenkins community
Setup and Running Jenkins

Preparing Environment
Installing Git
Setup Account
Install Jenkins on Ubuntu / Windows
Configuring a Node
Running Jenkins as Stand-Alone/ Apache Server
Backup Jenkins data
Configuring Jenkins server

Configure Dashboard
Configure System Environment
Global Properties
Configure Build Tools
Configure Proxy
Working with Jenkins Build Job

Create and Configure a job
Run a job manually
Triggering a Build
Scheduled Build job
Manual Build job
Polling SCM
Maven and ANT Build Step
Execute a Shell
Post-Build Actions
Archiving Build Results
Working with Automate Testing

Introduction of Automate
Automate unit test
Configure Test Reports
Automate Performance Test
Advanced Jenkins

Working with Maven Build
Monitoring External jobs
Distributed builds
File fingerprint tracking
Parameterized Build Job
Parameterized Trigger
Automated Deployment and Continuous Delivery
Jenkins Plugins

Change reporting
Code coverage
Static Analysis
Performance reporting
Style checking
Secure and Notification In Jenkins

Overview of Security
Activating Security
Simple Security
Security Realms
Overview of Notification
Email Notification
Other Notification
Best Practices on Jenkins

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