LoadRunner Training
Load Runner in Introduction to LoadRunner

What is LoadRunner?
Why LoadRunner?
LoadRunner Components
LoadRunner Protocols
Protocol Advisor
LoadRunner components License
Load Runner in Setup LoadRunner

LoadRunner Architecture
How LoadRunner works?
Hardware and software requirements for installation
Setup Loadrunner
Load Test Process
Load Runner in Virtual User Gen:

Introduction to VuGen
Recording a Script
New Script Creation
Runtime settings
Single Protocol Script
Multiple Protocol Script
Protocol Advisor
Recording Dialog
Default Actions
Recording First Script
Tree and Script View
Replay Log
Runtime Viewer
Recording Log, Output Window – Replay Log
Generation Log, Correlation Results, Run-time data
Workflow Wizard
Script Folder Structure
Load Runner in Parameterization

What is Parameters?
Why Parameterization is required?
How to create parameters?
How to use existing parameters?
Using parameter list
Various Parameter Options
Load Runner in C functions and File concepts:

How to create a File to store data?
How to create Unique File & How to verify created file?
Load Runner in Runtime Settings

Run Logic
Blocks and Iterations
Pacing, Log
Think Time
Additional Attributes
Miscellaneous settings
Browser Emulation
Content Check
Proxy Preferences
Load Runner in LR and Protocol Specific Functions:

Load Runner related Functions – _exit, _abort, _continue_on_error, _start_tansaction, _end_transaction, _save_string.
Protocol related Functions
Load Runner in Controller

What is Controller?
Need for Controller
Scenarios Creation
Different type of Scenarios
Creating Vuser Script
Load generators
Design and Run Views
Post execution activity
Scenario Checklist
Manual scenario
Controlling Vuser groups/ users
Monitoring Vuser status
Logging execution notes
Goal Oriented Scenario
Load Runner in Analyzer

What is Analyzer?
Auto Load Analysis
Session Explorer
90th Percentile
Analyzer Graphs
Analyzer Reports
Auto Correlate
Cross Results
Merge Graphs

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