MapReduce Training

MapReduce Training is associated with implementation for processing and generating large data sets with a parallel, distributed algorithm on a cluster. The framework takes care of scheduling tasks, monitoring them and re-executing any failed tasks.

MapReduce Training Curriculum

Basic concept of OOPS





Aspects of Java

Creation of Project, Class, Package


How to Create New Java project

How to create New Java Class

Hello World program

How to run this program

Types of integer

Class creation & name given

Create object

Creation of package

What is Java Inheritance

Sub-class & super Class

Map-Reducing in Inheritance

What is overloading & overriding

What is the method of overloading

overloading modify

Difference between overloading & overriding

Method of overriding

Abstraction Concepts

Basic concept of abstract

Abstract class demo

Class extends

Difference between Abstract & concrete class

Implementation of abstract class in Java

Difference between JRE & JBM

Mapreduce Programming

Word count example


Tool runner


Map method

Sum reducer

What is Map Phase?

Introduction and characteristics of big data

Introduction of Hadoop and its work

What is HDFS and its explanation with example

Introduction to Map Reduce?

What is Map Phase?

What is Reduce Phase?

Hadoop ecosystem

Introduction to Hadoop ecosystem

How Hadoop solve problems of typical distributed system

What is Sqoop and its working

What is Qozie and its working

What is Pig and its working

What is Flume and its working

What is Hive and its working

HDFS Storage Mechanism

How files are Stored / Read / Written in HDFS

Understanding Demons

Hadoop installation

Hadoop installation

Introduction to Mapreduce and HDFS

How to develop Mapreduce Application

MapReduce job Execution

MapReduce Combiner


Shuffle & Sort Phase

Map Reduce in detail

Comparison b/w YARN and MRV1

Cloudera Developer Certification Overview

How to develop Mapreduce Application

Hands on Exercises on Map Reduce

Introduction to Mapper, Box classes and Reducer

Input Formats and Output Formats

How to filter File Inputs

How to work on amazon cluster.

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