NETEZZA Training

Netezza Training makes you familiar with IBM NETEZZA and teaches all the topics required to develop and administer within the IBM NETEZZA system environment.


IBM Netezza Training Curriculum

NPS AMPP Architecture & Various Netezza appliance models

Netezza High Availability Architecture (Clustering, Mirroring, fail over)

Installing Netezza system and client softwares

Installing Netezza Emulator for day-to-day practice

Nz Admin: GUI Admin Tool (Installation & Set-up)

Netezza Command Line Interface (CLI)

Manage NPS with CLI commands

Manage User access to Netezza Databases

Monitoring Netezza and Linux logs

Netezza Events (Set-up & Monitoring)

Databases & Tables

Data Distribution (Hash, Random), Cluster Base Tables, Table Skew

Generate Statistics, Zone Maps, Materialized Views, Groom Table

Backup & Restore (Host Level, Database Level, Table Level)

Database Refreshes & Migrations

Netezza Appliance migration (For Example: 6.x to 7.x migration)

Data Loading/Unloading using External Tables, NZLOAD, NZ_MIGRATE

Data Loading/Unloading using GUI Tools

Optimizer and query plans

Query history collection & Reporting

Netezza Replication/DR Architecture

Techniques to improve Netezza performance

Frequent DBA activities such as SPU replacements, etc

ODBC/JDBC/OLEDB Client Connectivity

Working with IBM Netezza Support to resolve issues.

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