OpenStack Training

OpenStack training is designed to make you an openstack industry expert by exploring various features using Openstack.


OpenStack Course Curriculum

Introduction to OpenStack

This module will give you an understanding of Nova Architecture, fundamentals of OpenStack, how to configure image service, dashboards, Storage Block, How to access virtual machine, create and manage the volumes.

Open Stack Compute
Open Stack Image service
Open stack Network
Open stack Identity
Open stack Block Storage
Open stack Dashboard
Nova Architecture
VM Provisioning walkthrough
Create manage access virtual machine
Create and manage volumes

Open Stack Object storage

Now, you will learn about the Swift, its use cases, how to maintain Swift using Swift Recon, how to add metadata to objects and finally will learn how to deploy the object along with the operations. Overview of swift includes:

Usage and use cases of swift operations
Uploading in segments
Ring, Ring builder
Account container and object servers
Adding metadata to objects
Swift maintenance with swift Recon
Replication, Security / ACLs
Deployment and operations

Openstack Networking

Open Stack Compute

Administrators often deploy OpenStack Compute using one of multiple supported hypervisors in a virtualized environment. This module explains:

Nova Architecture
Database service for Open stack
Data Sore management with Openstack trove
OpenStack Metering And Monitoring

Learn about Celiometer meters, Architecture, Pipelines, how deployment and integration is done with OpenStack.

Celiometer meters and pipelines
Celiometer deployment and integration with Open stack

This module of OpenStack online training puts you on, how service enables deployers to integrate with the Orchestration service directly or through custom plug-ins. We will also focus on Orchestration Service components: Heat Orchestration, HOT, Heat Scaling..

Heat Orchestration

Heat Orchestration Template (HOT)
Orchestration, Scaling and elasticity
Heat auto scaling
Integration with Open Stack.

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