Oracle ADF  Training Course Content :

Introduction to Fusion and ADF

✔Oracle ADF and JDeveloper

✔Oracle Fusion Middleware

✔Oracle Fusion Architecture

✔ADF and MVC

✔More about ADF

Exploring Jdeveloper

✔JDeveloper New Features

✔Building ADF Application in JDeveloper

✔Configuring JDeveloper Preferences

Database Schema Design

✔JDeveloper ✔g New Features

✔Database Designing Tools in JDeveloper

✔Creating Offline Objects

✔Synchronize Online-Offline Database

Data Modeling with ADF Business Components

✔Advantages of ADF BC

✔ADF BC Categories

✔Creating ADF Business Components

✔Business Component Browser

Entity Objects and Associations

✔Data Persistence using Entity Objects

✔Creating Entity Objects

✔Modify Entity Object Default Behavior


View Objects and View Links

✔Populating Data in View Objects

✔Creating View Objects

✔Modify View Object Default Behavior

✔View Links

✔Creating View Criteria

✔Creating List of Values

Application Modules

✔Designing Application Module

✔Creating Application Module

✔Application Module Editor

✔Testing Service Methods

Programmatically Modifying Default Behavior

✔Supporting Java Classes

✔Modify Entity Object Behavior

✔Modify View Object Behavior

✔Service Methods and Application Module

Business Validation

✔Validation Life Cycle

✔Built-in Declarative Validation Rules

✔Validation Execution

✔Failure Handling

✔Groovy Support

✔Creating Validation Rule Class

Introduction to User Interface Technologies

✔User Interface – Available Technologies

✔Java Server Faces

✔ADF Faces

Understanding ADF Data bindings

✔ADF Data Model and Bindings

✔Exposing Business Components as Data Controls

✔JSF Expression Language

✔Binding Components to Data

Understanding ADF Task Flows

✔Characteristics of ADF Task Flow

✔Creating a Task Flow

✔Using ADF Task Flow Components

✔Using Method Call Activities

✔Creating Managed Beans

Enriching the Page Content

✔ADF Faces Rich Client Components

✔Using Facets

✔Using ADF Faces Components

✔UI and Translation

Understanding Layout Basics

✔ADF Faces Layout Components

✔ADF Faces Skins

✔Enabling PPR

Ensuring Reusability

✔Pros and Cons of Reusability

✔Reusing Components

✔Designing for Reuse

✔Creating ADF Library

✔What Fits your Requirements

Implementing Page Navigation

✔ADF Faces Navigation Components

✔Performing Navigation

✔Defining Access Keys

✔Using Train Components

Handling Application Events

✔JSF Page Life Cycle

✔ADF Lifecycle Phases

✔Creating Action Methods

✔Value Change Events

✔Contextual Event Framework

✔Managing and Validating Data

✔Holding Values in Data Model

✔Holding Values in Managed Beans

✔Passing Values between Pages

✔Validation Event Points

✔ADF Binding Validation

✔ADF Faces Validation

Transaction Management

✔Handling Transactions with ADF BC

✔Transaction in ADF Task Flow

✔Specifying Task Flow Transaction Start Options

✔Creating Save for Later

Troubleshooting ADF Applications

✔Logging and Diagnostics

✔Java Logging

✔ADF Logging

✔ADF Declarative Debugger

✔UI Troubleshooting Tools

✔Configuring ADF Logging

Deploying ADF Applications (WebLogic)

✔Creating a WAR Profile

✔Creating a EAR Profile

✔Testing the Server Connectivity

✔Deploying the Application.

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