Oracle DMantra  Training Concepts :

✔Introduction to SAP

✔Initial Workflow Configurations

✔Business Objects


✔Attribtes, Events & Methods

✔Demantra concepts

✔Demantra applications

✔Integration details

✔Demantra features
✔Demantra glossary

✔Demantra Demand Management Component Capabilities

✔Demand Management & AFDM Capability
✔Demand Management Process flow

✔Collaborator Workbench and Worksheet Implementation

✔CWB concepts

✔Editting, Saving and Retriving Data
✔Audit Trial
✔Layout Designer
✔Creating Worksheets

✔Advanced Worksheets


✔Embedded Worksheets
✔Open and Open with context

✔Demantra Levels, Hierarchies and Dimensions


✔Level types
✔Level hierarchy
✔Level Editor
✔Hierarchy Configuration

✔Demantra Series

✔Understanding Series

✔Series Data
✔Aggregation and Disaggregation
✔Series features and functionalities
✔Configure Series

✔Demantra Security Model


✔User creation and access
✔User group
✔Feature Security

✔Key Demantra Database Objects

✔Key Tables

✔Key Database objects

✔Demantra New Product Introduction

✔NPI overview

✔Member Management
✔Chaining Management

✔Overview of Analytical engine, data model and integration

✔Data model Wizard

✔Intergration interface wizard
✔Integration overview
✔Analytical Engine
✔Simulation Engine
✔System Parameters.

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