Oracle Procure to Pay Training

Oracle R12 Procure to Pay Training equips you with the skills to help a company to transform their procurement and payment processes into a streamlined system.

Oracle Procure to Pay Training Curriculum


Administration and Course Materials
Course Structure and Agenda
Delegate and Trainer Introductions

Overview of Oracle Purchasing

Overview of Oracle Purchasing
Matching Options
Integration with Oracle Payables

Supplier Management

Supplier Overview
Supplier Relationships
Supplier Sites
Supplier Account Balances
Inquire on a Supplier
Add a Supplier
Amend an Existing Supplier
Merge Supplier/Supplier Sites
Add an Attachment to a Supplier Record
Create an Approved Suppliers List

Item Attributes and Set Up

Define Master Items
Assign a Master Item to an Organization
Update Parameters Specific to an Organization
Copy Item Attributes From a Template
Create a Template
Set Attribute Controls

RFQ and Quotations

Add or Amend an Existing Supplier List
Create a New Supplier List
Create a New RFQ
Select the Suppliers who will receive the RFQ
Print the RFQ
Create an RFQ from a Requisition
Enter a Quotation

Approved Suppliers and Sourcing Rules

Create Source Documents
Set Up Sourcing Rules
Assign the Sourcing Rules to an Item
Test the Sourcing Set Up
Create an Approved Supplier List
Test Autosourcing Set Up

Purchase Requisitioning Processing

Overview of Requisitioning
The Requisition Form
Overview of Approvals
Create a Requisition
Create a Requisition Using Preferences
Create a Foreign Currency Goods Requisition
Create a Foreign Currency Services Requisition
Add an Attachment to a Requisition
Review a Requisition
Approve / Reject a Requisition
View Action / Approval History
Cancel a Requisition
Requisition Templates
Supplier Item Catalog

Purchase Order Processing

Create a Standard Goods Purchase Order
Create a Standard Purchase Order Using Preferences
Create a Blanket Purchase Agreement
Create a Blanket Release
AutoCreate a Standard Goods Purchase Order
Add an Attachment to a Purchase Order
Approve/Reject a Purchase Order
Review a Purchase Order
Amend a Purchase Order
Copy a Purchase Order
Close / Cancel a Purchase Order
Freeze a Purchase Order
Other Control Actions
Print a Purchase Order
Purchase Orders and Projects
Workflow Document Creation

Purchase Order Receipt Processing

Overview of the Receiving Process
Receipt Routing
Receipt Processing Methods
Payment on Receipt
Correct a Receipt
Return Goods to a Supplier
Find and Review Receipts
Receiving Tolerances

Integration with Other Modules

Integration with Payables
Integration with Inventory

Enterprise Structure Overview

Defining Locations
Units of Measure
Item Categories

Raising iProcurement Requisitions

Shopping by Store
Shopping to Category
Checkout Process

Receipting A PO in iProcurement

Express Receive
Standard Receipting
Returning Ordered Items
Receipt Corrections
View Receipts

Non-Catalog Requests

Requisition Information
Smart Forms
Information Templates
Review Approver List
Review and Submit

Purchasing Set Up Overview

Purchasing Profile Options
Purchase Order Matching and Tax Tolerances
Purchasing Document Security, Routing and Approval
Approval Assignments and Approval Groups
Purchasing Options
Receiving Options

Purchasing Accounting

Encumbrance Accounting
Generate Uninvoiced Receipt Accruals
Close a Purchasing Period


Overview of a Payables System
Oracle Payables Workflow
Additional Features of Oracle Payables
An Overview of Payables in a Business
Integration with Other Modules
The Payables Cycle

Enter Invoices

Invoice Types
Invoice Matching
Invoice Import
Invoice Gateway
Enter a Non Purchase Order Invoice
Enter a Standard Purchase Order Invoice
Process a Credit Note – Match to a Purchase Order
Process a Credit Note – Match to an Invoice
Recurring Invoices
Applying Prepayments to an Invoice
Foreign Currency Invoices
Entering Taxes on Invoices
Debit memos

Inquiry On Invoices

Invoice Inquiry Overview
Find Invoices
Find Invoice Distributions
Calculate Supplier Balances
Review High-Level Invoice Information

Apply and Release Holds

Types of Hold
Apply a Manual Invoice Hold
Release a Manual Invoice Hold

Approve Invoices

Approval Methods
Approve a Non-PO Invoice

Adjust or Cancel Invoices

Add an Attachment to an Invoice
Adjust an Invoice
Cancel an Invoice
Create and Use a Clearing Payment Type

Payment Banks and Payment Processing

Payment Workbench
Manual and Quick Payments
Payment Methods
Process a Payment Batch
Amend a Payment Batch
Cancel a Payment Batch
Stop / Void a Payment
Set Up an Internal Bank Account

General Ledger Transfer

Accounting Methods
Accounting Entries for Payables Transactions
Create Accounting Process

Integration with Other Modules

Integration with Oracle Purchasing
Integration with Oracle Assets
Integration with Oracle Self-Service Web Applications
Integration with Oracle Projects

Payables Set Up Overview

Define Financials Options
Define Payables Options
Define Special Calendars
Define Purchase Order Matching and Tax Tolerances
Define Invoice Hold and Release Names
Create Templates for Entering Expense Reports
Open Payables Accounting Period

Payables Period Close

Payables Period End Procedures
Run the Accounts Payable Trial Balance
Close the Payables Accounting Period
Resolve period-end exceptions
Open the Following Payables Accounting Period

Withholding Tax

Set Up Tax Types
Set Up Inland Revenue supplier account
Set Up Withholding Tax Special Calendar
Set Up Tax Codes
Set Up or amend supplier account
Process supplier invoice with Withholding Tax
Query back and validate tax deduction invoice

Accounts Payables Exercises

Enter Standard Invoices with Multiple Lines
Enter Invoices Using PO Default
Running Reports
Enter a Credit Memo and Match to a Purchase Order Invoice (Part Value of the Invoice)
Enter a Credit Memo and match to a standard invoice
Enter an Advance Invoice Inquiry
Amend an Invoice (PO Invoice)
Cancel Invoices
Enter an Expense Report and Apply a Prepayment/Advance
Apply a Manual Hold Invoice
Un-Apply a Prepayment
Enter a Discounted Invoice Matched to a Purchase Order

Accounts Payables Payment Exercises

Payables Payment Run
Quick Payment
Manual Payment
Void a Single Payment
Issue a Refund.

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