Introduction to Oracle VM Server for SPARC

What is Oracle VM Server for SPARC?
Oracle’s Virtualization Strategy
Oracle VM Server for SPARC Architecture
Oracle VM Server for SPARC Benefits
Planning and Installing the Logical Domains Software

Planning for Oracle VM Server for SPARC
Working with SPARC T-Series Servers
CPU and Memory Sizing Guidelines
Upgrading System Firmware
Upgrading Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software
The ldm Command
Configuring the Control and Service Domain

Typical Basic Configurations
Virtualized Devices and Virtual Services
Control Domain Resource Allocation
Logical Domains Configurations
Creating Guest Domains

Creating a Guest Domain
Binding and Starting a Guest Domain
Installing Oracle Solaris in a Guest Domain
Verifying a Guest Domain Configuration
Accessing a Guest Domain’s Console
Performing Logical Domains Administration

Dynamic Reconfiguration of Logical Domain Resources
Core Affinity
Using Virtual Disks
Virtual Disk Back End Options
Provisioning New Domains with ZFS Snapshots and Clones
Using Virtual Networks
VLAN Support for Virtual Networks
Link Aggregation and Jumbo Frames for Virtual Networks
Migrating Logical Domains

Migration Requirements and Restrictions
Migration Types
Migration Phases
Migration Dry Run
Live Migration
Cross-CPU Live Migration
Cold Migration
Non-Interactive Migration

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  • 7 Units
  • 13 hours, 30 minutes Hrs

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