Oracle Workflow Training

Oracle Workflow Training enables modeling, automation, and continuous improvement of business processes, routing information of any type according to user-defined business rules using Workflow Solution.

Oracle WorkFlow Training Curriculum

Introduction to Oracle Workflow

Importance of Workflow
Oracle Workflow Basics
Oracle Workflow Components
Planning a Workflow Process

Workflow Builder Overview

Introduction to Workflow Builder
Workflow Builder features

Overview and Defining Workflow Components

Item Types
Lookup Types

Different type of activities

Function Activity
Notification Activity
Process Activities

Design a Simple Workflow Process Using Oracle Workflow Builder

Drawing workflow process
Linking different activities
Sending FYI Notifications

Complex Workflow Processes

Sending FYA Notifications
Calling multiple processes

Different Type of Activities

Function Activity
Notification Activity
Process Activities

Workflow Administration

Testing and Monitoring Workflow Processes
Viewing and Responding to Notifications
Suspending, Skipping and rewinding Workflow Processes

Deploying Workflow

Workflow Definitions Loader
Oracle Workflow Builder

Workflow Engine

Workflow API’s
Sending Mail Through Workflow
Attaching Binary Attachments to Workflow Notifications
Validating User Response to Notifications
Using Expand Role in Notifications
Oracle Workflow Versioning
Real time Examples.

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