We offer industry knowledge and proven domain expertise in Key areas of small, medium and Large scale Industries. Modern RF and wireless board design is a highly complex engineering task and the design & layout of the PCB is critical to success. The PCB often contains circuits with extremely sensitive analogue stages such as RF receivers alongside extremely noisy blocks such as digital processors. The performance of RF components and the PCB substrate also set boundaries on what can be achieved in modern designs. This training course provides a thorough introduction to the principles of RF PCB design techniques in an intuitive and practical way.

For those of working professionals Keeping your design skills up to date requires continually learning and exploring the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies. Our training course program keep you learning & updated.

Course Content:-

Schematic Library Creation.
2. Altium Schematic drawing.
3. Netlist Generation.
4. Database Creation.
5. Footprint Creation.
6. Layout Creation.
7. Placement.
8. Rooting
9. Multilayer board Placements.
10.Multilayer board Routing
11.Design Rule Check.
12.Gerber or Artwork Creation.

  • 10 Days
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  • 0 Hrs

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