SAP BASIS  Training Course Content:

✔ What is SAP

✔An introduction to ERP
✔An introduction to SAP
✔SAP AG: Evolution & Strategy
✔SAP Product Evolution
✔SAP Services Overview (OSS)
✔An introduction to BASIS

✔ Basics to startup with BASIS Administration

✔An introduction to Operating Systems
✔An introduction to Database Systems
✔Overview of computer Networks
✔Network types & devices
✔Protocol & IP Address concepts
✔An introduction to Kernel Software

✔ Description of R/1

✔Client / Server Solution
✔Overview of 1 layer interface
✔Types of Client / Server Architectures
✔An introduction to R/1

✔ The Architecture of SAP R/1

✔Presentation Interface
✔Application interface
✔Database interface
✔Overview of R/1 Architecture
✔Overview of Dispatcher & Work Processes
✔The concept of SAP Instance

✔ Landscape and Implementation Lifecycle

✔Overview of Software Development
✔Overview of SAP Landscape
✔Landscape types
✔Lifecycle Implementation concepts

✔ Installation and Guidelines

✔Elements in SAP R/1 installation
✔Installation requirement
✔System sizing
✔Installation File Systems
✔Installation of RDBMS
✔Installation of SAPInst tools
✔Install central Instance
✔Load Database
✔Installation Database
✔Installation of Presentation Layer
✔✔Post installation Activities

✔ Working with SAP server

✔Understanding Dashboard Manager
✔Setting Up Dashboard Manager
✔Start & Stop SAP R/✔ Server
✔Directory Structures
✔Overview of SAP MMC
✔SAP & Oracle Environment Variables
✔SAP Logon Pad configuration
✔Overview of SAP License system
✔Overview of Transaction & Dialog step

✔ Management of users

✔Overview of user Administration
✔Managing User Master Records
✔Managing User Groups
✔Mass User Management
✔Managing Logged-on Users
✔Central User Administration

✔ CCMS & Configurations

✔Overview of System Profiles
✔Overview of Operation Modes
✔Overview of Background jobs
✔Overview of Log-on Load Balancing
✔Overview of Memory Management
✔Overview of workload monitor
✔Overview of Os Collector
✔Overview of Performance Management
✔Overview of alert monitoring
✔SAP system Pro-Active Health checks

✔ The Authorization System in SAP R/1

✔Installing BI Widgets
✔Overview of Authorization System
✔Maintaining Authorizations
✔Working with Profile Generator
✔Crating Roles
✔Maintaining Org1 Levels
✔User Information System
✔Overview of Users & Authorization Tables
✔System Profile Parameters for User

✔ The Transport System

✔Overview of R/✔ client
✔Client Copy methods
✔Client copy Requirements & Process
✔Open / Close R/1 Client
✔Overview of change Transport System
✔Transport System Concepts
✔System Change Options
✔Working with Change and Transport Organizer
✔Overview of transport Management System
✔Configuring Systems and Domains
✔Configuring Transport Routes
✔Distributing and Verifying configuration
✔Overview of tp & R✔trans
✔Performing Transports with tp Program
✔Overview of the Complete Process of Transporting

✔ Patch Management

✔Overview of Support Packages, Plug-ins & Add-ons
✔Types of Support Packages
✔Downloading Support Packages
✔Support pack Dependencies and Requirements
✔Applying Support Packages, Plug-ins & Add-ons
✔SAP R/✔ Kernel Upgrade

✔ SAP Administration for Oracle Database

✔Introduction to Oracle Database Architecture
✔Oracle Directory structure for R/1
✔Overview of physical Layer
✔Overview of Logical Layer
✔Introduction to Cost – Based Optimizer
✔Introduction to SAPDBA & BRTOOLS
✔Tablespace Administration
✔Introduction to Database Reorganization
✔Database Backup & Restore
✔Database General Activities

✔ SAP Printing System

✔SAP Spool system Architecture
✔Introduction to SAP Access Methods
✔Defining R/1 Printer Devices
✔Managing spool Requests
✔The SAPLPD Driver Program
✔TEMSE object Database
✔Troubleshooting printing problems

✔ General Administration Utilities

✔Configuring the QWS with BO System
✔Monitoring SAP Instances
✔Monitoring System Work Process
✔Managing User Sessions
✔Managing Update Records
✔Managing Lock Entries
✔Managing R/1 System Logs
✔Analyzing ABAP Dumps
✔System Tracing Utilities
✔Managing Batch Input Sessions

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