SAP BI  Training Course Content :

✔Data Ware Housing Concepts
✔Over View Concepts of BW
✔Over view of SAP R/1 Types of Applications
✔R/1 Architectures
✔Landscape of SAP
✔Request no
✔Return codes
✔Master data
✔Transaction data
✔Attribute data
✔Text data
✔Hierarchy data
✔Header data
✔Item data
✔Scheduline data
✔Classical star schema(DW)
✔Extended star schema(BW)
✔Types of Data
✔Master Data
✔Transaction data
✔Star Scheme Concepts
✔Modeling & Extraction Objects
✔Info area
✔Info objects Catalog
✔Info objects
✔Info source
✔Direct update
✔Flexible update
✔Data source
✔Source system
✔Application component
✔Transfer rules
✔Standard Info Cube
✔Real-Time Info Cube
✔Transfer structure
✔Standard DSO
✔DSO for Direct Update
✔Communication structure
✔Info providers
✔Data targets
✔Standard DTP
✔Error DTP
✔Direct DTP
✔Info cubes
✔Standard PSA
✔Error Stack PSA
✔Real Time
✔Write-optimize DSO
✔Update rules
✔DTP – Data Transfer Process
✔Info package
✔Extract structure
✔Data Acquisition
✔APD – Analysis Process Design

✔Visual Composer
✔IP – Integrated Planning

✔Data loading using flat files
✔Attribute data
✔Text data
✔Hierarchy data
✔Transaction data
✔Live concepts of using MDM
✔Reusability of master data
✔Designing the transfer rules, transfer structure and communication according to data using different
✔techniques Dynamic calculation ,suppressing data adding new functionality to the data of the transfer
✔rules and update rule level while loading data
✔Handling data function while loading data
✔BW Architecture
✔PSA Maintenance
✔Scheduling the data
✔Data packet by data packet
✔Complete data scheduling
✔Scheduling in background
✔Debugging the Data while loading
✔Transfer rule level
✔Update rule level
✔Terminating errors while loading the data
✔Increasing the data packet size
✔Application serer file concept _AL
✔Scheduling the data in background
✔PSA Processing types
✔Monitoring the data loading
✔Scheduling the jobs based on periodic values
✔New data table
✔Active data table
✔Change log type
✔cases of deltas with real scenario
✔Error handling in deltas
✔ODS – Info Cube
✔Info Cube _ Info Cube
✔Canceling and deleting the back ground jobs
✔Data Mart
✔Roll up
✔Deletion of data from data Targets
✔Complete deletion of data
✔Deleting data by request id
✔Selective deletions
✔Direct Schedule
✔Meta chain
✔Error handling in process chain
✔Monitoring process chain
✔Message integration
✔Scheduling process chain based on Periodic values
✔Cancelling the process chain jobs
✔Rescheduling the process chain
✔Folder creation for a specific process chain
✔Creating a variant for ABAP programs and integrating in process chain
✔ALE Remote jobs
✔Attribute change run
✔Assigning object to the requests
✔Releasing the Request No and their Dependency
✔Return code
✔Mail drafting to basis team regarding transportation
✔Searching objects locally and business
✔Contents through Meta Data Repository
✔Multi providers
✔Info set
✔Line items dimensions
✔Performance issues
✔Process Chain
✔Fact less Fact Tables

✔ SQVI-quick views

✔Business content
✔Open hub service
✔Info spoke
✔Flat files
✔Generic Extraction
✔Master data
✔Transaction data
✔DB connect
✔Business content extraction
✔Generic delta
✔Product Issues
✔Ticket Handling
✔Ticket tool tracker
✔Error handling
✔BEX Analyzer
✔BEX Browser
✔BEX query designer
✔Creating a role
✔Assigning a role
✔Role maintains
✔Calculated Key Figures
✔Restricted key figures
✔Free characteristics
✔Cell definitions
✔Query performance
✔Brain Errors
✔Forcing variables
✔Information broadcasting
✔Cache inactive
✔Query Monitoring
✔RRI (report-to-report interface)
✔Query properties
✔Debugging reports while Executing

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